Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not a week yet...


I got my little mouse stitched up. Isn't he adorable? Happy Dance for me. Now, I just need to turn him into an ornament. That will be a first in years for me. I have dabbled in cross stitch on and off for years. I managed to completely finish a couple of projects for my sisters. Of course no pictures, because they were done long before puters and blogging happened. (WOW, that was a while back)

I started another project for my bathroom. I worked on it one night and did pretty good, didn't miss a stitch. But I have been working on the computer all day at work this past week and when I get home the eyes, brain and hands are not working well together. I was continuing my stitching, got to the bottom of a stripe and realized I was off a stitch at the beginning (of course). So I frogged it. Started the stripe again, and found when I got to the bottom, that I was off a stitch in the other direction! I over compensated. I frogged that and put everything away until after I am off the computer at work all day. Which will be tomorrow, cause I still have an all day seige of input today. I may try it anyway tonight, cause the project is calling to me!

We are a week away from our road trip. One week from right now, I will be half way to Sacramento and seeing my son, daughter in law and 10 month old grandson! YAY! Tomorrow, I am going to clean out the new truck really thoroughly and get it all ready to go. Can you say excited?!?

See you Tuesday after weigh in. I may not have done well this week. Now that I am conscious of what I am eating, I want to eat everything! Dang, why does it have to be that way???

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Rosanna said...

Even if you don't know Italian, I'd like you visit my blog whenever you want, I'll appreciate also a "bye" :) and I'll visit your blog and your progres as I can!
Have a nice week!!