Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little more progress

I cleaned up my yard some, on the side of the driveway where one of the dead cars was. Got a whole barrel of trash, leaves, trimmings out of one small area. It looks better. I did all that Monday. Lots of yard work. While at work on Sunday, I mentioned to my girlfriend that I needed to get a tool to remove the spark plug from my lawn mower, cause the thing just would not start. She told me not to bother, because she had two and needed to get rid of one. I went to her place after work and picked it up. Heck, she's only used it twice! The thing is BRAND freakin' NEW! Monday that was one of the things I got to play with. It started after one pull!!!!
So, Tuesday I had an appointment to get the tires on my truck. I went and got that done, came home, called AAA and had them come and get the VW out of my garage and down to the mechanic I had promised the car to. He's happy, he's got a parts car, I'm happy, I have a garage...well, a half a garage. I swept out the garage, just a start. I am so burnt out. I have not been able to do that much work in a while. My foot isn't bothering me, and there's nothing in my way to do some major cleaning. My daughter even asked me what got into me!
Gotta go...look see if our local Italian Restaurant has a menu online...mmmm lasanga! (sp just doesn't look right)


stitcherw said...

It must be wonderful to look out and see all that new room you have. It does sound like you've been pretty busy cleaning though, maybe if you take a nice long break and spend it stitching you'd feel more energized, I know it always helps me. :)

That's wonderful on the lawn mower, that will certainly make taking care of your yard easier. Lasagna sounds wonderful, I love Italian.

claudia said...

Came home from work...(It is now Thursday, the 12th) and what do I find in my previously cleared spot??? DD (oldest) has claimed it for her surfboards, surf "stuff" and bin of sandy towels! Hmmm..did not bargain for that, we shall have a little talk. I think that is what the back of her little Blazer is for!

The Silver Thistle said...

Yay!! Sounds like it's all coming together for you! I wish I could get some 'space' around here too. It's driving me nuts, all the 'stuff' that's around!

What a result, with the lawnmower!! Whoo hoo!!

tkdchick said...

Lots of work, but score on the lawnmower!