Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Really! I have been working on my stuff!

I have put in a couple of weekends on the garage project. It's just that I have forgotten that I am not 10 years younger and the things that I used to do, got ten years heavier! I had to wait til I had a kid at home to help. Well, yeah, some of the stuff I could do; like the ever so exciting pile of laundry that seems to grow all by itself. It's the wash that belongs to no one, and no one seemed to have used it, and no one put it out there, but there it is, getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It's down to one load. YAY! When I had three girls over here on one of my days off, I had them all help me move the behemoth rack that I built for my kayak and dtrs' surfboards. I organized a dresser, which was behind the behemoth, and hadn't seen in a coons' age. I got rid of another truckload of dump run material. We did that today.
I was motivated by my oldest daughter who really needed to seal a surfboard of hers that had some cracks in the surface and was taking on water. She sure can be pushy at times. I told her that I hadn't made that mess all by myself over the past ten years and I certainly wasn't going to get it cleaned up all by myself in a weekend. She pitched in. So, it is getting there, slowly but surely.
I need to talk to my doctor about a problem I am having with sleeping. I could conceivably sleep at any given time, and I do on my days off. If I sit for a minute mid day to have lunch, I no sooner take my last bite of lunch, than I am fast asleep. I have had all the blood tests, and I am healthy. I sleep at night. In fact, the fact that I will at times sleep 2 - 3 hours during a day off, and then sleep all night floors me. I may need some mega vitamins. Maybe I will try that before I pester the doc about it. Stitching hasn't happened. Simply because when I sit, I sleep. I put in a couple of stitches a few days ago and that was it, I fell asleep. I can fall asleep at the computer. WITH MY HAND ON THE MOUSE!!! Something ain't right!
That's it for now. Thank you for all your kind comments and encouragements! You guys are the best!


stitcherw said...

Glad you're making such headway with the garage, and that you are also getting some help with it. It isn't much fun to realize what was easy 10 yrs ago now is a bit problematic, getting old is a pain (and unfortunately it is literally as well as figuratively). I hope you can figure out something on the sleeping, that doesn't sound right, in addition to really being difficult to deal with. Take care of yourself,

Micky said...

Thanks for the lovely comment.
Happy belated Bloggiversary. Man I just don't get around to all the blogs enough. If you saw how long my blog favorties lists were, you'd understand. And yes I have so many I have several different lists to catagorize them in.

The spirals are made from a spiral hexagon shawl pattern. Here's the link so you can see it: