Thursday, September 25, 2008

Calgon...take me away!

Good Lord! Ya'all know I have three daughters, right? Two of them live here with me, one is away for a while...can't talk about that one yet. That's not the point. The two who are here are simultaneously trying to drive me completely to the nut house, I swear they are. They both have great days, and then they have their not so great days. It can get to be high drama around here at times.
Then I go to work. I work with people of all ages, men and women, some boys and girls. There are mainly college students, with maybe two high school students, and then there are the "adults" That's what some of them call themselves. Two in particular are trying to drive everyone else to the nut house. Simultaneously, completely. These two have been bickering, for days, and two of the days the bickering got really stupid. Like today.
These are adult women. Control freaks! (I am a self admitted control freak, but I never went this far) One of them is my wonderful, generous, kind and funny bff, the other bugs me. They got into it today and it seemed like they literally seeked me out (in my little corner minding my own business) to tell on the other and what she did to aggravate the one who was snitching. AACCKK!!!!! I just want to work and get through my day and, stay in my little drama. Thanks I get enough of that at home. Since I wouldn't respond to their liking, they both in turn went from one manager to the other to...snitch, all the time saying "I didn't do anything, I am not wrong, I apologized and she doesn't want to hear it"...cause like you said "I'm sorry, but..."
My answer to someone getting in my face is to tell them straight are in my face, I don't like it. Get out of my face. Then there is no bickering. No drama. No driving to the nut house.
Calgon, take me away!!!!!

So can I go work with horses now? Please? Can I can I? They are much easier to deal with.


Jen said...

My sis and I do our best not to argue in front of my mine...but someone has to be the mediator or th ref;)

Still, I understand how you feel!

Debbie said...

I don't want to ref either and yes, you can go work with horses. Look into their big brown eyes and relax :)

I work with two women and geez, I would much rather they be men. No drama.

Lisa J said...

Hi, thanks for coming over for the visit. I think you and I can become very good friends. I don't know how you know Debbie, but she is a doll. She and I are becoming very good friends, and have a very good understanding between each other with our kids and lives. You wrote in your profile you like James Patterson books, and so do I. We need to talk about them some time. And did you say Dean Koontz? I like some of his too.

I love horses, had five, sold one, moved away, may have sold two others, have one on load to a nice lady and have one Appaloosa filly still at my parents. I don't do anything with the horses any more. But that is ok.

Do you know Memaw Memories? I think that is her title? She is on my list of readers and you need to go visit her. I think the two of you would REALLY get along great. You might check her out if you have time. I am a retired police officer and so glad to be away from the drama of my work. I am thankful I worked with men, but still it was such a stressful job.

Please let's stay in has been very nice to meet you briefly and I will check back on you when I am home and have a little more time. I am i OKC with my grown daughter who got some food poisoning and needed her momma!!!! yea!!! I love it when I am needed.

stitcherw said...

Too bad they couldn't handle their differences like adults and settle it. Hopefully it finally got resolved and they'll no longer be dragging you into their disagreement. Having to deal with drama at home and then at work would be a bit much. Congratulations on getting the dryer working again and on getting another washing machine. Sounds like you'll be all set with the laundry for quite a while. Amazing how things like that can make us feel better and life so much easier.