Thursday, September 04, 2008

My New Toy

It's a dangerous new toy. But I say, the more dangerous it is, the more fun I can have with it. I mentioned it before. It's so cute! (I am a sick puppy, I tell ya) It's a little tiny chainsaw at the end of a pole. I don't even know what it's formally called, and the box is sitting out in the garage, but I am too lazy to go and look at it.
So today, I got home at a half way decent hour and decided to put my toy together. (some assembly required) I am no good at this stuff. I wanna just pull the thing outta the box and fire it up and cut things, but no, I have to assemble some stuff first. So I get the parts out, and the little book, skip over all the safety tips and precautionary notes, cause y'all know they are just there cause the company's lawyers said put 'em in or you'll get sued. The directions and all the other B.S. they write in those books is in three different languages. Now, I don't mind (well, I do, but this isn't the issue here) that they put the damned instructions in three languages, but it's the format they used. They could have put the three languages on separate pages in their own little sections of the book. BUT NO, they had to go and put the three separate languages in their own little PARAGRAPHS all on the same DAMNED page!!! Do you know how frustrating it is to be holding a sharp blade in your fingers while you are trying to find the directions in ENGLISH that tell you what to do with the blade now that it is cutting your fingers. (Yeah, I know, they warned me about wearing gloves while I was doing this part)
Well, I finally got it together and went about trying to find where I last used my extension cord. I swear, someday I will know these things when they first pop into my mind! I found it, and then spent the next ten minutes untangling the dang thing. So I finally got to plug it in, and cut away at that damned tree. Then the chain came off. I broke my new toy. Not permanently broke. I told you I'm not good at this sort of thing, I have no patience for some assembly required. So, tomorrow, I will have to go through all those languages again to find out what step I missed.
It was fun while it lasted. The tree smelled good when I cut what branches I cut. (Like a Christmas tree kind of smell) I can't wait to go at that tree this weekend, cause it's coming down baby!


Stacie said...

lol...funny you find joy in a new chainsaw, hack away my friend. :D

Debbie said...

I had one of those limb mini chainsaw thingys and had trouble with the chain. I agree. The languages should be on separate PAGES! You be careful and above all have fun! LOL. I actually love cutting limbs and stuff too. I'm with ya girl!!

Any way you could take some photos? LOL