Saturday, September 06, 2008

The drive home

Today was a gorgeous day as the last five or six days have been. We are in our Indian Summer season now. I love it and I don't. It's beautiful, but it is too hot for my liking. And as I get older, the hot (anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees, I know, I'm a pansie) is just too much more to bear.
My ocean in this kind of weather is just flat...flat, flat, flat. And glassy, like a pond. When I fished out here commercially in my (so much) younger days, I loved this time of year. Of course, that is because in our regular weather I was always freezing and soaking wet. When it got like this I was warm and only slightly damp.
So today, I am driving home and kind of swearing cause it's Saturday and everybody and there gall blessed brother, sister, cousin twice removed, MIL's and FIL's and ALL their friends are on the coast enjoying the weather I had to work in. I wasn't really enjoying it, cause they always forget to turn on their turn signals long before they turn. (They just stop and turn from the middle of the lane! Thank Gawd I have good brakes) N.E.WAY...I started noticing that there were quite a few cars parked along the coast side of the highway and people all standing up on the cliffy parts with their hands up to their brows to ward off sun glare. They seemed to be watching some fascinating something out in the ocean. I'm thinking some fool got all messed up on a boat and they were watching a rescue. (happens a lot here) But I dared to look at the ocean as I went by a lower spot in the cliffy thing. And what I saw was fantastic!
I saw whales playing! Humpbacks on their way to Mexico to get married, or have their babies. I saw people for about five miles along the coast watching, so I finally pulled over to watch officially. Of course, my camera has been in my truck for weeks and the battery is dead and my cell phone is useless except for my daughter taking pictures of her face on long road trips. I was kicking myself for not keeping my batteries up and I was looking and one lone whale broached right in front of me! It was fantasic! I thanked him and went on my way.
I have seen these things so many times. (Remember the paragraph above about me fishing commercially?) We used to get our own personal show from the humpbacks, although it was really scary, cause we were right there with them on the same water level. BUT, I will never stop being in awe of this beautiful creature and it's ability to jump from the water and swim around so playfully. Maybe tomorrow, I will have my camera with me and I can get some (not so great) pictures. (cheap camera)

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