Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I did a lot!

And didn't even realize it. It's hot here today too. Or as my MD says hot for you...(meaning me, cause I don't like hot) It was probably 75 degrees here, yep hot for me!
So like the other day my girlfriend calls me and asks me if I still need a washing machine. I thought I had told her I had gotten one, maybe she forgot, there's been a lot going on around here lately. She told me that they have her grandmother's brand new Maytag and the grandma only used it a couple of times.(How hard can a grandma be on a washer???) Well, even though I just went and bought that washer and dryer a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't very well say no to a brand new Maytag, now could I? Besides, I never did get the damned dryer running...the electric one anyway. So my friend's brother and nephew brought the washer over yesterday. I had started cleaning out my garage, cause I knew he was coming. He offered to let me clean out his garage as well. Um, I declined. I just had them leave it in the driveway, cause I tore up the garage cleaning it and had to wait for my MD to come home or get up, I forget which. So, when she did whatever it was she had to do, we tackled the washing machine hook up again. We're getting good at this; two times in a month!!!
This washer is big and has all kinna bells and whistles on it. Oh and buzzers. This one tells you that it is finished. I never had a washer do that before. My dryer tells me, but never my washers, I guess they just like me to guess or keep on coming out and checking on them.
So, we got that running, and I said well, it's high time we tackled the gas dryer and it's little problem. I let MD get down on her belly and disconnect the part that was in need of replacement. I pointed my finger and said things like, "that one, no, not that one, that one!" And she pointed to different things until we were both talking about the same that one at the same time. By the time we got that out of the way, all the parts places were closed or not cooperative SEARS being one of the uncooperative types. Without asking me, they moved all their service and repair dudes and dudettes to a place 60 miles away from me and would appreciate my business through the order desk. No, I do not think so. I want a part and I want it TODAY, thank you very much. MD found someone who was only 11 miles away and having the part. We went over today, picked it up she put it all back together and I have been very merrily catching up on laundry...YAY!
I wanted to give my girlfriend a little something to say thanks for once again thinking about me when there was something good to have or fun going on. So I baked 4loaves of bread and 4 loaves of banana bread, so I could take some over for her and her family.
Now, I gotta give my dogs a bath and then me a shower and call it a day. YAY! I'm pooped! But I only have to work three days this week. The same girlfriend and I have a concert to go to on Saturday and I took Saturday and Sunday off. We're going to see Cheap Trick, Heart and I think it's oh crap I forgot the third person. I can see his face, but not his name! I hate when I do that! I am second guessing myself on my time off. I may go in Saturday morning, and leave early, then work Sunday afternoon, or not, I don't know...we'll see how I feel when I get there.
Gotta go, baths and showers are a calling my name! Have a great rest of the week kiddos!

I just remembered who it was...It's Tom Petty.


Jen said...

Oh man you just reminded me I need to makes that banana bread.lol. Some may start thinking I didn't appreciate that recipe you put up?! I can't even get the days straight right now...here's to hoping I can get the recipe right as soon as I get the chance! I won't even start on washers and dryers in this comment section.lol

Braeg Heneffe said...

Bit of luck getting the Maytag Washing Machine, had one for a while now, great piece of kit

Debbie said...

Praise God and thank you! Claudia has a dryer!! Why does this make me so happy? LOL

Cause I can't imagine all those trips to the laundry mat...you're too good a person to have to struggle with that. You don't deserve it dammit!!

Sounds like a fun weekend. I plan on sitting and doing absolutely nothing, oh except, LAUNDRY and maybe wash a dish or two :)