Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's but a memory

Just a stump now. And a big mess to deal with next weekend.
I got a lot done on this thing this weekend. I worked on it yesterday, and then after doing laundry, MD and I went out to tackle what was left from my adventures previously. I really got a glimpse into how differently we work and think. I want to go along and do one branch at a time. You know, cut it off, trim it up, and chop it into easily handled pieces. MD wants to get it down, deal later. Which is her life always, I should have known that. Just do the fun stuff and worry about the important underlying stuff later. She really liked playing lumberjack just a little too much. Scary. At least I had her help for the bigger heavy stuff. The tree was about fifteen feet tall and pretty weighty at the top. All the wet leafy stuff is up there. Plus it had entwined itself a little around our cable line coming in. Gawd forbid we take out our cable!
I'm glad it's down (for the most part) Now I just have to drag it all into the back yard where I will cut it into bitesized pieces and toss it into the wood box to await the winter chill. Hopefully, we'll get more warm weather to help dry out that sucker.
That has been my life this weekend. I didn't clean much. I did get to the dishes last night while my stew simmered. MD and I had gone to the grcery store while our clothes were drying and I saw winter vegetables and started craving a good hearty stew. It was good. I have some left over for lunch today. MD made cornbread to go with it. MMM good stuff.
In a while I am off to start my late day at work. I am starting to move "furniture around, because I got some new products in and want to highlight it. I have to place pads of various types of drawing, painting and drafting papers so that they don't get ruined. Standing them up bends them up on the corners and no one wants them. So I am trying to place them so they can be laying down. I'll have to see how it works out.
My friend is back to work after a year off fighting breast cancer. I had forgotten how much fun that woman can be. She's a big flirt with the guys, and some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth just floors me! I thought I wasn't prudish, but I guess I am! It is just heaven to have her back. I knew I missed her, but I really MISSED her!
So off I go! Y'all have a great day!


Coffee Bean said...

That sure is a lot of work! You are being a good productive girl! That banana bread recipe looks YUM!

Jenny Girl said...

Wow, you're amazing! Cutting down trees and things, sounds like good ole hard work and you should def be proud!
And it's good to know your friend is back to share these memories with you!

Debbie said...

Yeah! She posted photos!! I'm late, but I do get to see the "big monster"!

I'm a limb at a time person too. Last weekend I tackled two shrubs that were overgrown. Today I think I'm relocating a flower bed because I screwed it up and got it too close to the driveway. I so "get you" girl :) Great job!!