Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A few catch ups

I finally got blogger to upload my sunset from last week. Or was it the week before? I don't remember. I actually pulled the car over to the side of the road for this one. All along the highway on my way home the sunset was beautiful, and I kept snapping pictures, but this one was the most intense in color and it wasn't blurred, maybe cause the car wasn't in motion!
My OD (oldest daughter) and I went to ceramics class last night. Actually we went at 3 in the afternoon thinking that we were going to get home really early. There was so much for both of us to catch up on that we didn't leave until nearly eight. Class is usually from 6 until 8:40. I finished three pieces including the vase that I so love. Keep your fingers crossed that it turns out half way decent. I will send along finish pictures. We get to see it Thursday, that is the next to the last night of class. We will revue our favorite/best pieces and have a potluck and turn in paper work. The next Tuesday night, is clean up, although there are a few people who have already started cleaning, so it looks like there won't be much to do.
Health wise, I am definitely better. I am not coughing except for a few little ones and not the long, I am running out of breath, types. I have so much more energy now. Saturday at work I cleaned out what we call the spool room. (Which is just like what it sounds like...everything on a spool, rope, wire, tubing) I re-spooled stuff that was hanging loose, put spools on their little spindles off the floor, restocked what needed it and ordered all that I could, of what we were out of. I have vowed to check it everyday, 15-20 minutes before I leave work, so it stays nice. Sunday I started a diagram of my department, so that I can "move furniture". I'm not 'feeling' the way it is now, and when I do "move furniture" people seem to find new things. Probably because they have to look to find what they came in for. But I always get good reactions when I move stuff.
At home things are pretty much the same. MD is still excusing herslf from regular behavior, OD is still getting on MD's ass for being one, and YD (youngest daughter) is just doing her thing and staying out of the line of fire. It gets pretty loud here at times. I stopped getting in the middle of the arguements unless I just can't stand the repetition of the words. MD just doesn't get that she needs to get off her duff and do something with herself and I just don't have an answer for pushing her off it. She steals food and bath products, as well as clothes from my OD, and me. She feels entitled to what we have and work for. How do you get it through the thick skull of a 22 Y/O that she needs to work for what she gets? She's blowing her probabtion by not paying her fines or going to classes ordered by the court. She keeps telling me that it's an informal probation, and that it doesn't matter when she pays or does the classes. Hmmm...when they say you have eighteen months to do this and that you will be off probation when you are finished with payments and classes, that is informal? And when you get a notice from the county saying that you can mess up your probation by not paying your fines, on time, you are two months late already? That's informal? I also found that she blew off the car dealer when they sent her a notice saying that they will be selling the car they reposessed, sometime after June 2 and that she will owe the difference between what they sell the car for and what she owed on the contract. She didn't understand until I read it to her word for word, and then I still think she thinks they didn't mean that for her. And BTW, some of her belongings are still in the car and it is going to cost her $10 plus $3 a day to pick it all back up. Her driver's license is in there, as well as her social security card. Now how does she expect to get a job without those? I haven't a clue what to do with her or about her. I can't just kick her out, county will not let me do that without an eviction notice and that costs $160. Not that I really want to kick out my child. Talking to her really doesn't do any good, because well, she thinks we are just stupid and haven't a clue about what we are talking about. She tells us we need to get a life! (snicker) Anybody with any experience or even without experience, if you have a suggestion or ten about what to do or say to get through to her, PLEASE let me have them!!!! I'm thinking about calling Dr. Phil.....

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kim-d said...

Oh gosh, Claudia, you had to know I'd have something to say. I would PAWN something to come up with the $160 to evict her. She's one of those oh-so-lovely middle children so normal tactics won't work with her because she's undoubtedly been the "downtrodden one" her whole life and nobody loved her as much as they loved OD and/or YD. I'm tellin' ya, with her it's gonna take extreme measures. I mean, why not do the stuff she's doing...nothing really happens, she doesn't really have any consequences that matter to her. Yeah, I'll bet she's really very concerned about having her social security card so she can get a job. Why should she...she can just get what she needs from you or OD. There are some people that never get it, and some people that will get it if it bites 'em in the ass hard enough. There are some people that you can't give an inch, cause they feel they're entitled to 5 miles and you will never win with them, and it will never be enough. Cut her loose to live with people who aren't as stupid as alla y'all, and who "have a life." You're all obviously too uncool for her; see, that's the deal. They take advantage but then they have nothing but contempt for the people they take advantage of, cause that makes you stupid. You don't win with them; all you can do is cut your losses. Or maybe I'm just a horrible pessimist. But I DO mean well :)!!!

Thank you for being my friend, and it just bugs me when somebody doesn't treat MY friend right, even if it is their kid!!!


Love ya...