Monday, May 12, 2008

I will never ever figure it out!

And at this point why would I try?
Last December on a late night I get a phone call that younger daughter is chasing middle daughter around with her truck because 1) they've been out partying and both are being stupid and 2) there's an idiot (skanky) guy involved and 3) said (skanky) guy has "gone out" with both daughters. Fight ensues, I kick one kid out, should've done the other one too.
Fast forward to TODAY. The skanky guy is God knows where, and who cares anyway, the younger and middle daughter are in the younger daughter's bedroom as I type, painting pictures together. (!!!) (???)
Never mind, I'm not going there, it'll change tomorrow I am sure.
My oldest daughter and I went to the city today. (San Francisco) It's always SO much fun going to the city. I had to get the glaze to finish up glazing my vase for class tomorrow night. The kid had to go to her bank. We got to the place where the glaze is, but we drove around the block several times before we realized that we were where we were supposed to be. That city is so confusing. I never would go there, untill the oldest daughter started working there a few years back. I had to learn the ways around it cause from time to time I would have to pick her up at work. She doesn't work there anymore, but we have sort of figured out the place so when we do go in, we are not totally clueless. Then she took me out to lunch when we got back home. We went to the fish and chips place up the road a piece. I ate way more than I needed to or should have, but it was good.
I am not coughing as much as I have been. But then I have said that before. I am weak and not really wanting to do much of anything at all. When we got home I flopped down on my couch with my remote and tea and promptly passed out for a few hours. This evening has been good, although I haven't done anything but make myself some toast with honey. I promised my boss I wouldn't do anything on my days off, so I'm just keeping my promise. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Try again...I ALREADY read undomestivdiva!!!

Ha! I can't let you off easy my friend!