Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gettin' Better Every Day

It's true. I feel I am finally on the mend. I have cut out a few things, like getting up at the crack of dawn every morning. I HAVE to sleep until the last possible minute til I have to get ready for work. I am not going to my ceramics clas. My daughter brought home my vase and I have to go to the city to pick up some glaze to finish it. I will turn things in that I have done from home. I will go in for the last two classes though. One is for a pot luck and discussion of our projects, the other is for clean up night, I am wearing a dust mask. I will not return until MAYBE fall semester, if even then. That is disappointing, but if some of my allergic reaction is partially to the dust from the clay. I will still be able to do ceramics from home. I just have to get my kiln up and running. I will not stop creating!
So we will see how today goes at work. It should be better. I am coughing so much less than before. I may even be able to have a conversation with some customers!

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