Thursday, May 15, 2008

Muy, muy Caliente!

O.M.G!!!! We are just not used to this. It was 85 degrees at the back outside of the store today. That is in the shade too. Yesterday was hot, but today was blistering! Did I say O.M.G. yet? It did cool off to about 81 degrees before I left for home, but home is always a tad hotter than work, and the doors have been pretty much closed up all day, cause well, it stays cooler that way. I have no clue what the temperature was when I got home. No way to measure it. There is never a reason to. It generally stays between 55 and 60 degrees, and we don't need to know that. It just is. I am not prepared for hot. If we want hot, we go to Clearlake and bake, but not at home and certainly not at work. I told my coworkers that I was getting ready to get into my Easy-Bake Chevy when I was leaving for home.
When I got to my town, (it's right on the beach) there were cars parked EVERYWHERE! I had to go to my bank and there wasn't much for parking in the shopping center lot either. Apparently everyone and their brothers, cousins, sisters, aunts, moms and dads, plus a few friends came over to cool off. What we call over the hill was in the 100's, I can't blame them, but damn all these people and cars and traffic must have made the temp go up another 5 - 10 degrees.
Naturally, I did not go to my ceramics class again. There's time for that when the fog rolls in. It should be in about the day after tomorrow, like clock work (on most occasions) We get three days of heat and then fog, glorious, cool, sting your sunburn fog. I love fog. It quiets things down, cools the earth and makes me feel better about everything. Sun is good but fog is better!
I'll leave you with a sunset from last night on my way home...
Well, perhaps not...blogger doesn't want you to see my sunset. Raspberry to Blogger!
Maybe tomorrow...when it's cooler....

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