Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Just Checking In...

I went to Urgent care last night, cause it was the only appointment I could get on my two days off. God forbid I should take any more time off work! I cannot afford it! At. all. period.
I got there ten minutes early, and they took me right in, did all the pre doc stuff, blood pressure (a little high) weight ( a little high, ahem) questions, questions, questions...then wait the ten minutes by myself in the little cold room with one of their lovely gowns on. Doc comes in, seems personable, questions, questions, questions. Look see, listen, more questions... Tells me I get more drugs, different drugs. Sends them over to the pharmacy online, TELLS ME go to the MAIN pharmacy "I have sent the prescriptions to the MAIN pharmacy." I go to the MAIN pharmacy. Wait. Wait. Wait. After sitting (Im)patiently for too long, I go up and stand in line to see why my name isn't up on the board yet. I give the person my paperwork from the doctor. The little girl behind the counter looks at me funny, and says, "Doctor send your prescription to San Bruno." So I say (in my nicest voice) "Why the fuck did she send it there, and then send me here!?!?!?!" That flustered her. I did not feel good, I was tired, and I did not like being in a room FULL of people who were coughing, spitting, sputtering sneezing, drooling....on and on and on...
She said, "We transfer, it be ready in fiteen minute." "Damned well better be"
Eleven minutes later...my name comes up on the board. I muttered "About frickin' time", went up to the same little girl. She has one prescription. Doc gave me two. I asked where the other one is. "I dunno, I only have one on screen, there is only one!" "No darling, there is supposed to be TWO" "Read the paper!" She reads the paper..."OH! I ask pharmacist" Muttering again..."yeah, go ask the damned pharmacist, and tell her I am sitting here waiting" Five minutes later...nothing. Ten minutes later...I walk up to the line again. Wait, get up to the SAME little girl, and ask her SO politely..."what's going on???" She goes over to the pharmacist and asks...comes back, "it in line to be pulled, fi minute, please!" Five minutes later, she calls me up. I get my prescription and I go home. (After consultation)
I am coughing less, but haven't stopped yet. It's better, but it's not great. Damn these allergies. I am also thinking that my ceramics class may have some to do with this thing I have. There is a lot of dust and I always seem to take a dive downward after a class. I am going to take the summer off from that and see if I can't keep the coughing to a minimum if not gone all together. Of course my blood pressure meds have a part in the coughing too.
Kaiser Permanente has changed my original doctor's position, and changed my primary care physician on me. So I have to go back in and get all reaquainted with someone new. I hate this, I like the same person over and over, not changing all the time.
N E WAY...That's it for my day. I honestly hope your days are all better!

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Hang in there kiddo. Good lord! You had quite the experience.

I'm sending you some good mojo.

Hallie :)