Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Day Closer

I finally made it to work today. It was exhausting. I forget I am as old as I am, especially at times like these. When I was twenty, I would have been out partying even though I knew I was sick. I always figured drinking would cure all ills. All it did was make me forget I was sick! Now, this thing had me down for the count, and I am not bouncing back like I used to. I asked my boss if I could work tomorrow. It's usually a day off for me, but I need to make up the time. She says she has no problem with that and she is going to be short some people. Teenagers mostly, so what the heck! It's a short day anyway, I go in at 9 get out at 2. Besides, I still have to pick up the garage door opener for my dad's girlfriend to give him for Christmas. I was supposed to order that weeks ago. Goes to show you what's been on my mind! Nothing, no brains cells, no thoughts, nothing, not even water on the brain!
I picked out some color samples from work for the room. I got turquoisey, agua, green blue colors. I think I am going to take some before pictures. Of course that may disgust some of you at the shape of the room now. Of course it is 100% better than it was just after my daughter left. But I'd like some shots for myself so I can see my progress too. I am going with some fairly tropical colors. I thought that would be cheery. It is a room that I plan on spending a lot of time in, so I want a vacationy feel.
Every time I feel I have an extra $25 I'm going to buy myself a Best Buy gift card. When I have enough, I am going to buy myself a nice stereo system for that room too. It's the only way I will be able to save up for something like that. If it's on a card, I can't spend it on something practical like say, food, or something obnoxious like that!
Well, got to go get ready for bed! Night all!


kim-d said...

I can't wait to see the progress of your Island Escape Room :)! I think it will be beauteous. And the gift card idea?? Well, especially in your feverish brain, that idea is absolutely inspired! I'm going to have to try that, as I suck at conventional saving. I just wish you could stay home from work today and really give yourself some recovery time so you could feel halfway decent for Christmas festivities but, on the other hand, if you need to make up the time it's good that you can. I certainly know how that goes; I use the leave-and-make-up-time at work weekly so I can leave early almost every Saturday. I'm really grateful to have the option.

I had to laugh when you talked about being 20 and partying on through sickness, snow, sleet, nuclear warfare, gas shortages, anything and everything...HAHAHA! All I can say is, it's a DAMN GOOD THING WE DIDN'T KNOW EACH OTHER AND LIVE BY EACH OTHER BACK IN THOSE DAYS BECAUSE I THINK SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE COULD HAVE BEEN DONE :)!!!! Man, Claudia, I think back on it and am still just a little in the world did I do it? But I also will say this; for the time, it was an ABSOLUTE BLAST and I wouldn't change one minute of it--but I'm glad I grew out of it, too. Oh, the stories we could tell... :).

Before I go, I just need to tell you how very much I am enjoying your posts--and I hope you're enjoying writing them. Does it feel therapeutic for you, too? Yesterday, I felt a little melancholy but as soon as I posted about it, I felt 100% better. I JUST LOVE BLOGGING!

Have a very good Christmas Eve day and just for you:



kim-d said...


Can I stay off the computer, even for Christmas Day? NO! HAHA!

Have a very, very Merry Christmas and I'll "talk" to you tomorrow.


stitcherw said...

So sorry to see that you were still sick, hopefully by now you're feeling better as I didn't see you mention it in your more recent post. Love your idea about the gift cards, what a great way to save up for a stero system.