Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year's Eve

So my middle daughter in all her wisdom makes this great suggestion. "Hey Mom, how would you like to spend a nice quiet New Year's Eve in a hotel room? All nice and relaxing and all. You could watch movies and eat all kinds of food...." Me: "No Becca, you may not have a party here New Year's Eve." Her: "Fine then I'm having a party in my room." Eh...NOT!
Now they have decided that instead of renting a room for me, they could rent one for themselves. What a genius! I would have suggested that to her, but it would have been my idea, and therefore no good.
Every single time I leave for more than a day, that girl has a party. She wants to be liked and in order to be liked these days, I guess you have to put on a raging party. I wouldn't mind so much, but even though she is 21 and MOST of her friends are, she has no clue as to how to weed out the idiots that invariably show up and screw everything up for everyone else. (Which could include me, and I ain't going for it.)
So, I get to have a nice peaceful evening, eat lots of good food and watch movies, without spending a dime. Well, except for the food. I may ring in the new year in a bubble bath. Awww, that would be nice, and mounds of chocolate, and all kinds of good eats.
So what are your plans to ring in the new year?


The Silver Thistle said...

Hahah, nice try though :D

New Year for us is called 'Hogmany' here in Scotland and usually involves lots of whisky and cake, lots of singing and dancing and lots of traipsing round the streets visiting freinds and neighbours to 'First Foot' them.


For us though, it'll be a quiet night in front of the TV with a glass of Baileys and a box of chocolates I expect, lol.

Enjoy your New Year bubble bath :D

stitcherw said...

My New Year's Eve will be pretty tame too. I'll go to my folks earlier in the evening for dinner and to play cards for a bit. However, I hate being on the roads when all the idiots start driving, so I'll be home by 10. Some nice hot tea, a movie, and some stitching are how I'll ring in the new year. Although, your nice warm bubble bath and chocolate sound like a winner too.