Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sunshine in My Backyard...

Makes me happy. It is sunny here today. I am sorry to all of you who have clouds, rain, snow, freezey weather going on. And I am sorry to those of you who have had sunshine, but want/need rain. We really want/need more. I am not feeling good, and the warmth that the sun sends through my big window in the back of the front room feels so good. I wish I were a kitty so I could curl up comfortably on the floor in the sun and soak it in! It is still cold outside, just sunny and warm inside.

We did get the infamous truck fixed this morning. I had picked up and yet another alternator at the parts place and it fit. I was going to put it on last night, so I could relax today at work, but it was hard for one person to finagle and it was cold, I was tired, etc., etc. so I gave it up. I was going to go to work this morning, but the crud had other plans for me and I ended up calling in sick again. My daughter asked if I could give her a ride to work after she and her boyfriend went surfing at 10. I said well, why don't you get your boyfriend over here and we'll finish the alternator install and you can drive yourself. She offered that we maybe could just do it ourselves. So we did! I am happy, she is happier, and away she went. Surfing, then off to work. YAY! I am free again.

I am still hacking away at this crud, but I am restless when I stay home so many days. I figured I would do some lightweight work. I went in and put all the boxes of my youngest daughter's stuff that I had packed away for her, in the closet. I then proceeded to take all the billions of pictures off the walls that she taped up there so carefully. (With about a hundred miles of tape) I put those in a box for safe keeping. I labeled everything I packed, and made it all safe. God forbid that something would happen after I touch her stuff. One more thing for her to place blame on me. I looked around at the room to see what I can do to it to make it mine. It is going to be my new sewing room again. I had originally planned on doing that before she came home the last time, about a year ago. My sewing room went on hold. I have to put new glass in a window that she broke and fix the crank on the window. Then, I will scrape all the wax off the window sill that melted there, because somebody doesn't know about not putting candles in the window where the sun shines in. Ahem...

When I am feeling better I will take down the bookshelves that I built in the dining room and rebuild them to fit in that room. Before I do that, I will need to paint. Which means I have to get on a ladder and pull down all the stars that the girls put on the ceiling years ago. That should prove to be fun. I love ladders! (NOT) Oh man, this is making a can of worms open up here. I am thinking about all the befores I have to do before...geez! I guess I had better go and brain storm a list of things to do in the room. Ya know? And everyone always wonders why I never get everything done.

Thanks for stopping by. And if I haven't told you all, already, Merry, merry Christmas and Happy New Year. But I'll see you before it all takes place I am sure. I'll be back!


kim-d said...

I am glad for the sunshine in your backyard--and even more glad that the truck is fixed, and that surfing and work ensued for your daughter! Buh-bye, huh? :) Aren't adult kids fun? Hehehe.

Well, I just have to say that I become more and more impressed as you talk about all of the things that you not only CAN do, but actually DO! Like fixing trucks, moving shelves, etc., on and on. I admire you for all of that, because I am so not handy. And I don't even care to be. Isn't that terrible? I end up having to spend a lot of money that other people don't, to get other people to do all I can't! I practically hyperventilate just thinking about it. When I was having work done to the inside of my house, I told the guy who painted the inside one day, "I'd rather poke my own eye out that go to Home Depot again!" and I meant it, too! And why is it that every little thing snowballs? You're going to do one thing, that turns into seven! So, my hat is off to you, my friend...

And about the packing up of your daughter's stuff...ahhhh, Claudia. It couldn't have been easy. And I know that even though you said it was so you wouldn't get blamed--and, yeah, that's true--it was also because you are her Mother and she is your daughter and no matter what has gone on, you will still treat her things with care and respect. Moms just do that. And it's hard to pack away dreams...even though I don't know of your situation. Some things are just pretty much universal.

Now that you've accomplished so much, I hope you can take some Crud-B-Gone and curl up and get some of that Sunshine on Your Shoulder! Hehehe...I promise, I don't channel John Denver often, but I just couldn't resist. HA!


stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well. Hopefully the crud will pass soon and you'll be better. I'm sure the sunshine does help though, I know I always feel better on sunny days. Glad that you were able to get the truck fixed as well, one less thing to stress over too.

As to your room, good luck. I'll enjoy hearing how it developes. I'm currently working on making over a small back room that has been my DD's bedroom, the dogs room when they were puppies, and a storage/catchall. Needless to say it needs a fair amount of work and clean up. However, when it is done it will be my space. I'm anticipating maybe being done with it this spring, as will be doing it little by little as have the time and money.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You motivate me - plain and simple!