Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Beat Goes On...

Remember that song? Sonny and Cher. Anyway, that's random, not what I came on for.

My oldest daughter came home yesterday with the drive belt to her truck in her hand and said, "Look what happened Mom!" Geez! I'm very sorry to say that I never taught my oldest about anything mechanical. She heard a noise in her engine, the day before yesterday and then decided yesterday that she would maybe need oil in it. Two minutes before the belt blew off. Umm, yeah, oil. She had called me from her cell phone and asked me if we had oil. Well, not being the mechanical daughter, I'm thinking cooking oil. So, I went and looked in the cupboard and sure enough, we had oil. I told her we have a little olive oil left, but if she was doing something big, she might want to pick up some more. She just laughed at me. (What are mothers for anyway?) Then explained which oil she really wanted. Two, three minutes later, is when she walked in with the belt. So, I had her call the local parts people, and they had the belt we needed. We ran up and got one. Came home and between the daughter, her boyfriend and I managed to change that sucker out. BUT, we couldn't get the tensioner to work right. So, I went to work this morning, did what absolutely had to be done and then went to buy a new tensioner for it. That was not an easy thing to get put on with the belt in the right place. So, the boyfriend calls his dad, and the dad comes over, can't make it work, so he calls another friend who KNOWS what he's doing and we get the belt back on. YAY!!!! We started that baby up and OMG! what a racket it made. Something else isn't right. We studied it for a while (a long while). Turns out that the bearing had gone out in her alternator, making the belt do some funny stuff and in turn snapping, and breaking the tensioner. (The tensioner is a fragile part), So maybe tomorrow, I will pick up an alternator, and get her back on the road. I took her to work tonight, and will pick her up, but she has school in the morning for finals. I told her she'd have to get on the phone and make some arrangements or take the bus, because I can't afford another day off work!

I said the beat goes on, because, EVERY Christmas one of our cars breaks down. EVERY Christmas. So, we're on schedule people! It is the Holiday Season, and I have not been left out, nope not at all. It's all good. We have the money to fix it. Thanks to being gifted money from my dad. My daughter feels bad about that, but I said what the hay! You need your car, we have the money...It's all good! My resolution for next year is going to be...I am joining a Christmas Club at my bank, so when a car breaks down we have something other than Christmas gift money to fix it. I had plans for the money. The plan will still go into effect, it will just take longer. Who cares? I have way more time than money.


kim-d said...

Oh my gosh, Claudia. I have so many comments to make about the beat going on!!!

First, your daughter is so lucky to have you, and it sounds like she knows girl, albeit mechanically challenged. Which, from my end, it takes one to know one :). Seriously, how do you know that stuff? I am not only clueless, I don't even WANT a clue. And Bill being all mechanical and all...

I hear you on just being glad you have the means to fix it. And even though your plans for the gift money may have to wait, I firmly believe that the results you will derive from the original "plan" will be even sweeter since you did such a selfless thing. It is said that to be a Mother means you constantly run around with your heart outside of your body and exposed and, apparently, this is true. For you!

And finally...the Christmas Club idea is a good one because you just know that once you do that, the cars will finally stop breaking down at Christmastime! :)

You're a gem, Claudia...I am so happy to know you. Have I told you lately that you make my day every day, with your comments? Really, that saying about liking people because of the way they make us feel about ourselves? Well, I think that saying was meant for you, because I always feel SO good about myself after reading what you say. And besides a handful of very special people, you're the person who makes me feel the best about myself. Thank you for that, friend. LUVYAMUCH!!!

kim-d said...

Hey you! Happy Saturday to ya; hoping that all vehicles that should be running, are!

(((((BIG HUG))))) cause Christmas is almost here :). LUVYAMUCH...

The Silver Thistle said...

Just popping by to wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas!

Looking forward to hearing all your news in 2008!

kim-d said...

Hey you, again!

I'm really sorry the crud has you down--boy, do I ever know what that's like! That leaning over to put the socks on with getcha everytime--plus it feels like you're gonna pass out.

I really liked "Juno" a lot--it was different. It wasn't like a wonderful blockbuster or anything. It was more one of those "nice little indy movies" that packs more of a punch than you expect. I am right there with you on having problems in crowds--too many people and I'm apt to hyperventilate and get really, really ornery. Well...really, really ornerier than usual. That's why I only go in the afternoon, and usually as early as possible is best. Even for movies that are brand new, there are usually never more than about 5 other people in the theater. Pretty much perfection, for a theater!

We also have Benihana around here, too--but I'm not gonna bother with that one. I had to snort a little about the odd group of people at that big table--that's what would happen to me. And, then, one of two things would happen: 1) I would be upset at having to sit and eat with a bunch of strangers and I would get really, really ornery. Well...really, really ornerier than usual...HA!, or 2) I would suddenly move into my "channeling a stand-up comedian" mode and single-handedly entertain the whole table, stealing the thunder of the knife-whipping hibachi chef. Then, afterwards, I would be exhausted because, really I don't know where that channeling thing comes from. And I'm not even kidding! I'll probably just continue on with my favorite take-out Chinese place and leave the fancy-schmancy to other people..hehehe.

Now I just hope you start to feel better pretty soon--you can't be "cruddy" for Christmas :)!