Monday, December 10, 2007

It's been a week

I am feeling a little better today. The initial shock of the happenings from last week have become a tad smoother at the edges, so they don't feel so sharp. That daughter came by today to pick up her other truck. I guess it's getting a little expensive to drive the big ol' cool truck to work and back. There's one step in a good direction. I told her she would have to get her own insurance, as I was not going to be helping her with that anymore. She actually paid for the insurance, but the companies always want their money directly out of a checking account, so they were taking her payments out of my account. As in, I am really no longer responsible for her actions. I hope she learns something before the lessons get too harsh. Okay, enough, this is getting to me.
I have had so much support from all of you out there. I really, really appreciate your love and hugs.
I dove back into the mega quilt yesterday and today. I (luckily) remembered through my funkyfog, that it is easy to get out of those feelings by doing for someone else. So, I went in my room, cleared off my sewing machine table and got to sewing on the quilt of the century. When I got done with some of the squares, I started checking out books for a quilt pattern to make a baby quilt for one of my bosses, whose wife will be delivering their first child in February. I found some cute ones. I also got out some 18 ct aida to check out the possibility for making a gift for a friend. I will post pictures of the quilt(s) when I have enough progress to show. The gift, not until the friend has the gift, as I know she reads my blog.
So, thank you all again.
I was gonna send a picture of this cute little Santa thing my friend from work gave me, but the cord to my camera is somewhere in my bedroom. This is not a good thing, cause it may take me weeks or even months to find it...AAARRRGGGHHH!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad things are settling down for you. You are a very strong woman...


kim-d said...

Ahhh, Claudia...REALLY HAPPY to read this post! But here's one just to be sure: (((HUG TO CLAUDIA))). I hope you can find the thingy so we can see your quilts; I LOVE quilts! My sister-in-law quilts and does some beautiful work! I especially love the baby ones. Maybe cause I'm a big baby...HAHAHA! It all sounds like good therapy to me.

And just I because I'm sure this news will make all the difference to you today...while cleaning a closet yesterday, I unearthed a REALLY CUTE pair of navy blue shoes that I bought at the end of winter last year and completely forgot about. Merry Christmas to me! There will not be a need for any spray painting of the shoes!!! But, I do appreciate the suggestion and your willingness to help :).

So, so glad Claudia that you're "back"--and know how much I admire your courage in doing the thing that must be done, even when it's the last thing you want to do, and the hardest thing to do.

Carla said...

Glad to know you are doing better...take care

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The note to CJ was awesome...

Thank you.