Saturday, December 15, 2007

A little time...

As it gets closer to Christmas, I wonder how things will play out with my daughter. I have had so much wonderful support from you all. It sure makes things better. My sister came by my work yesterday with a birthday gift for that her. (Her birthday was back in August) I had to tell her that she had left. She told me to keep it for her, and she would call her and let her know it was here. So maybe I'll see her in the next few days. (My sister always gives a little token gift and money) That little dangling carrot may get her here and I can talk to her. Maybe, just maybe, because she is my daughter and as stubborn as me.

I visited my dad Friday and secretly checked out his garage door opener. His girlfriend wants me to order one for him for Christmas, cause his is broken. At 85 y/o, the door is a little hard for him to put up. (and here it is Sunday, I have not checked out the new garage door opener.)
I heard news about my daughter from one of my younger co-workers. My daughter is used to hanging out with the ranch hands in town, well, because she has always worked with them. They all go to each others' families Quintineras. (It's a party for the kids when they turn 15) My co-worker told me she had seen my daughter at a Quintinera the other night. But then she kinda scrunched her nose and said, "I thought you said she was smart!" I had said that, because I thought she was. "Yeeaahh, I did say that, why?" Then she tells me, "Well, she's hanging out with all the gansters!" Geeerrrate! Little Sh*t! I had a hard time saving her from a boyfriend last year who was a wanna be gangster, and she swore she wasn't going to get involved with all that again, and here she is. I wish I could say, that's it, I'm finished with her and all that, but I know better. She is beyond saving for the time being. I will probably get her back after something very hurtful (at best) has happened, and she needs help. The only thing that really bothers me, is that after all, she isn't very street smart, as far as when to keep her mouth shut, and I have a feeling that she will be opening it at the wrong time and wrong place. All, I can say at this point is please God, be with her, cause I can't be.

That "under the weather" I had last week finally kicked in. I knew that something was going to happen worse than what went on last week. Today, I felt my throat getting kinda itchy, scratchy. The headachy feeling is back, and I had NO patience whatsoever. I was good with the customers, but my co-workers kept sitting on my last nerve. I even had a little fun with most of the customers. I could not wait until 5PM when we closed the store. I'm not surprised by this at all. I mean my life has been one big stress after another lately, then the holidays. Oh Heavens, I sound like such a whiner right now. I am sorry. I had to get all this off my chest.

Plese say a prayer for my daughter.


Isabelle said...

This must be so difficult for you Claudia... May the Christmas season bring your family solace, reconciliation and happiness.

kim-d said...

Awww, can bet she will be in my prayers from now on. Gangsters? Oh help. She will need the prayers. Hopefully the smartness that you see in her will kick in, and that is what I'll be praying for. How old is she? Just don't beat yourself up--which, I know, is easier said than done--but there are times that they just have to go and make their own mistakes and find their own way. It breaks our hearts sometimes, but it's the way it's always been and probably always will be. It's just that the world is a much scarier place than it used to be. For some reason, though, I have faith that things will turn out okay.

As for you, my friend, take care of yourself so you don't get the FULL-BLOWN CRUD--it's awful! And what is a blog good for, if not to whine sometimes? Hehehe! We're here for ya, girl! Take care of you, okay? LUVYAMUCH!!!!!!!


kim-d said...


Hey Claudia--just wanted to say Good Morning, have a good day, and to leave you a hug. Hope you're feeling better!