Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back at it

I finally, finally got back into stitching! YAY!
I did not pick up where I left off, because I am not sure where that was. I did however start a SMALL sampler. I wish I had my camera all fired up and ready to take pictures, but then again, right now there is nothing much to show. Only the square that surrounds the whole thing, in a deep, deep almost black, blue.
Hopefully, before I get too far on this, I will be able to take some pics.
If any of you get "The Gift of Stitching" online, it is the sampler from their March 2007 issue. (But not in those colors)


Stacie said...

good for you!!! can't wait to see what your are working on.

Debbie said...

Smile. I'm happy for you. Yes, we want pictures. That's just how we are :)

I cross-stitched years ago and loved it. Now, the eyes? No way...