Saturday, January 03, 2009

I need you!

I can so tell that I need you guys! I mean, I knew that before, but it is so evident now. I read back through the last few days' posts and the comments, and y'all made such encouraging comments. You made me feel better and that I CAN do this.
Today was a little better. I did slip up yesterday and today, because some really nice customer left a box of See's Candy at the service counter, and of course I could not pass that up. See's Candy...the breakfast of chumpions. (yes, I did spell it like that)
But like I said before, I will not be beating myself up. So I ate the candy, enjoyed it and moved on. Soon all the niceness of our customers during the holiday fattening up season will pass, and I will no longer be tempted. matter.
I had planned on coming home and turning on the Wii and get in a few licks. MD has been sick for a little over a week (yet she and friends could drive the length of the state to Los Angeles for a freakin' concert for New Year's Eve and drive back all in three days time. She didn't go to work, so parked her arse on my couch and took complete control of my bigger than life TV. I mean ABSOLUTE control. Not any kind of talking could get her to give up the remote. Plus, since she was gone partying and not here to take possession of the old TV, it is still in the front room and there's not much for floor space and rolicking with the Wii Fit. Damn! Best laid plans....
Maybe the day after tomorrow. That's my weigh in day. I get to see how I have done.


Mary Ellen said...

You can do this. I wish I was half as motivated as you are - I need to get on your bandwagon!

kim-d said...

Claudia! Remember me? Please say you do and please say you forgive my lack of comments lately. I've thought about you, I've missed you, I still love you more than ever, I just didn't comment. I plan to rectify that right now.

I went back and read your last couple of posts and I just have to say...GIRL, YOU ARE GONNA DO IT! YOU'VE "RAISED THE BAR" AND YOU'RE GONNA DO IT! And now you have the wheels in my tiny brain spinning. Weight Watchers ONLINE? Now, THAT would be my kind of Weight Watchers, cause the last thing I want to do is show up some place weekly and have my fat ass weighed in person...BWAHAHAHA! I would be happy with 90 lbs although, in all honesty, I could stand to lose much more than that. I would be nothing but a mass of hanging, sagging skin, though, so I don't wanna go TOO batshit crazy :). And what is this Flylady thing? Is it something to keep me from being featured on the 10:00 news as the garbage house they discovered in MN? I must give some thought and do some checking into these two things.

Then there is the whole TV situation--OY! A 55-incher, huh? Cool! I love that you know how to do all the hooking-up of the TV stuff, because I am lost. In fact, if I don't do something--like call for basic cable TV--pretty soon, I'm not going to have any TV come February. I'll get to it eventually.

So, maybe we can encourage each other through all this, huh? Man, I have missed talking to you--and I sure appreciate your comments even when I'm slacking. PLEASE FORGIVE!


Your friend,

kim-d :)

stitcherw said...

Good for you starting WW. I haven't done the online one, but we had WW at work for a while and I did pretty good at that. I liked their program and the flexibility it gave on things to eat. I really need to get back on the program again, as my Dr. said I really should lose the extra 40 lbs I carry as it would help my knees and back. I'm sure you'll do well following it, especially when you get your Wii hooked up to exercise with too.

Mary Ellen said...

Back again - just wanted to say that I loved the story about how you got your name! And I don't want you to worry that I'm up posting all night - I set my blog to post at 3 AM, but I usually write it the night before.

Stacie said...

you CAN do this...even if you slip get right back on will work if you work it

so WORK ;)