Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I hate Cal-e-for-ne-a!

Actually I love my state, I hate the guy that pronounces it that way. (See title)
Every two years we have to get our cars smog checked. No big deal. Really. NO BIG DEAL! I took my little s10 up this morning to get it's smog checked or rather it's lack of smog checked. This is about a five to fifteen minute process. I had a coupon to keep my cost down. $50 out the window as far as I am concerned, but I like to stay as close to legal as possible, so I don't have hassles. Read that again, I don't like HASSLES! My truck has an exhaust leak. Something I wouldn't know about just by driving it. So they can't do a smog check today. No biggy. Really. I'll take care of it.
What effing pisses me off is that I went over to pay my registration, which needs to be paid by the 31st, so as not to be illegal. I asked for a temporary tag, so that the cops know I paid my registration and that I just have some issues to fix up. The lady in back of the counter tells me, that will be $50! I just paid $85 to register my damned truck and you want $50 more to give me a 3" x 4" piece of paper that says, "This person is taking care of business so please don't hassle her"? Sorry I have to let loose with this...FUCK THAT!
I told her I would take my chances. She told me I could come back with a note from the smog tester guy that says my smog failed and she will issue me a free pass to drive the vehicle to have it repaired. Okay, I need to drive twenty miles, to get permission to drive that twenty again, plus twelve more to have my mechanic fix the problem and then drive the thirty two miles back to give the lady all the paperwork, oh yea not to mention, after stopping by the smog check only station to have them test the truck. (And hopefully have it pass) Again, sorry, FUCK THAT!
Last time I had the truck done, it was $32 to test and $8 for the certificate. Then hopped on over to DMV paid my $50 to register. This time with a coupon, it was going to be $50 to test, certificate included, and $85 for registration.
Now, I have to come up with money for the repairs. I have to wait until at least the 3rd of February to have the money to do the repairs. As long as they aren't too expensive.


Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, that all just sounds crazy. We have emissions testing here but we don't have to pay for it. you drive up, they test it and you leave.

Stacie said...

what a pain in the ass!

Micky said...

Thanks for coming by.
Hopefully I can get in the groove of posting again.

Lisa said...

Ok, that does sound pretty pathetic. Let's hope you luck holds out...wait a minute....what luck. You will get stopped and you will get a ticket. That is YOUR luck it sounds. So, where do I need to send the bail money??? I feel you will tell the officer exactly how you feel and it just isn't going to be pretty. You do know what I "used" to do for a living don't you??? Sorry, I am laughing here!

Debbie said...

Oh this is ridiculous! I would have told them all to shove it up their ass. Well not really, but good grief!

You just reminded me my sticker ran out Jan 31 on my S10. Need to get inspection. Geez....