Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comon Monday!

Will it ever be Monday?
(for those of you knitting your brows, my Monday is like your Saturday..if you have a regular workweek)
This week has gone on for like a month.
I don't know why.
Let's just say, I am over it already!
Did my taxes last night from the federal list of free tax programs.
That's a fine story.
I'll tell ya when my week is over, if it EVER GETS OVER!
That is all.....


Mary Ellen said...

You're almost there!!!!

Stacie said...

hang in there....

Debbie said...

Sorry, but NO to Monday coming.

You'll get there and unfortunately so will I. Yes it has been an extremely long and painful week and I'm ready to feel better. Getting on my nerves...grrrrrrrr.

Hope you had a good Saturday :)

stitcherw said...

I'm so sorry your week is dragging so badly. You're almost to Monday, hang in there. This was a nasty week for me too, but this Sat. did finally come. Hopefully Monday will be a good day for you weather wise and you'll finally be over your cough/cold as well and can enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your sampler when you post it, and congrats on your taxes getting done, I haven't even started mine.