Saturday, January 10, 2009

I cant breedth tru my dnose

Yup. It's what happens when you spend 5 hours in a county emergency center, and a few hours in a closed up truck with a sick person. (It was really cold out or I would have had the windows open)
I managed to get through Wednesday and Thursday at work. I made it for the opening of the doors yesterday, but after three hours, I decided I had just about used up my patience. I managed to get my order faxed in though.
Came home, laid on the couch with some good TV and promptly fell asllep until 3:30. I guess I needed that. It looks like MD managed to share her crap with the rest of us. OD and YD both have it now. MD goes back to work today. I am planning on staying home again today and tomorrow, which will give me a good four days of not leaving the house. (My weekend is Monday, Tuesday)
OH HELL. I still have to get people to the buses and back. CRAP!


Debbie said...

Oh you poor thing. You better do absolutely nothing today but take care of yourself! That's and order. A house full of stopped up noses is not fun. I'll keep you in my thoughts today.

As your friend, in honor of you being sick, I won't do anything today either so you won't feel guilty! ((Hugs))

stitcherw said...

On no, I'm so sorry that you've all managed to catch it. What a rotten way to start off the new year. Hopefully you are all feeling better soon. Good luck too on following your eating plan. While you might not have lost as much as you'd have liked from your earlier post, you did lose. Hang in there.