Thursday, January 01, 2009

The New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for reading my dull, bitchy blog posts this year. I hope to have something more entertaining this year, but who knows, I may be just as I was last year!
I think my trusty little cheap camera took a shit. Maybe just the batteries, but I changed them and they lasted a day...I only took two pictures, but I am going to have to poll the rest of the household to see if anyone else snapped a few (or a lot). The evidence is in the camera, which will not turn on, so I can't find out! So, pictureless posts til further notice.
Okay, I HATE New Year's resolutions, so I didn't make any, BUT, I am making some changes in my life. Or rather I am attempting some changes in my life.

1) I have joined WeightWatcher's Online
Today is the start of that. I am cleaning out the refrigerator. Scrubbing it. That ought to make me really sick of food. I am throwing out all but the essentials for healthy eating. Then I will be making a list of foods that will only help me in my endeavor. I am buying those foods today, and then I am making an awesome WeightWatcher's dinner to celebrate the coming in of 2009.

2) I have joined FlyLady.
This one I will really, really have a time with. I hate cleaning, I hate organizing. I would rather mess up and sit around and watch TV, or play my Wii, or sit at the computer. (Could be one of the main reasons I need WeightWatcher's, ya think???)

3) I AM going to start stitching again. I have been really lazy about it and I miss sitting and relaxing and just creating something. (Perhaps all the sitting at the computer, or playing Wii, or watching TV has taken away from my need to sit and relax...relax? From WHAT?!?)

So, here and now, I am taking on some new habits. If I get them to work 21 days in a row, I may have the new ways zoned in for the year. Wish me luck please. And I will be answering to those of you who want to get on my case about not doing what I need to do. (Cause I know you will all do that in a caring sort of way)
I have 90 pounds to lose. I will lose it in the way suggests and I will mess up at times. This I know about myself, BUT the difference this time is that I refuse to beat myself up over this. Who wants to look at an old woman all bruised, because she messed up?!?
So, here I go...........


Debbie said...

Happy New Year hon! Thank you for coming to see me all year and I love reading about you and your girls :) I also love you are trying to do the same things I'm going to do this year, except the stitchin part. I love FlyLady and even tho I should get back to her, it does work. On my blog, but I don't read my blog LOL!

I hope you can get your camera running again. We need pictures!

Will be looking for updates on the Weight Watchers now...good luck!!

Mary Ellen said...

Boy, all that sounds like what I should be doing in 2009, but I just can't make any plans right now. I'll watch your successes, and maybe that will inspire me. Good luck, and Happy 2009!

Coffee Bean said...

You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!