Monday, February 23, 2009

Claudia needs

Now this can be funny. But after I got a few of my needs on the list, I started seeing a pattern. Damn! A person could get a complex over this stuff. I didn't take the first ten exactly. It wouldn't have made any sense at all...sure; like it does now. But it is funny...

Perhaps Claudia may need medication
Well, yea...medication could help!

Germany needs more than Claudia draped in a flag
This isn't what I need, but it was funny.

Claudia Needs to Get Off Early
Um...okay, depends on how you take that.

Claudia needs shows!
Please, entertain me!

Claudia needs everything
Not everything, I do not need a frontal lobotomy!

claudia has lost her phone in her drunk state, so needs numbers pleeeaseee!
Like the number three...I kind of like that number.

Claudia needs to be outed
Why? Was it something I said?

Claudia needs to go
Again, it depends on how you take the bathroom, or in general? And then again, was it something I said?

Claudia needs all the healing vibes she can get!
Don't we all?

Claudia needs to find out what's really going on
Yes, I would like to know what is really going on!
That was fun...
I ended up taking YD to a doctor appointment today. I had forgotten that I said I would go with her. Then we went to another of her appointments, and then to DMV which was a wasted trip, they wouldn't let her register her friend's truck that he has loaned her. He has to do it himself, since we could be invading his privacy by doing him a favor in exchange for him doing her a favor. Stupid government laws.
More rain on the thing you know, I'll have to mow my lawn! Geez! Will it ever stop???


Tweetie-Lee said...

In a way if we get rain... that means its so much closer to spring. Enjoy your day today!

Mary Ellen said...

Mow the lawn????? Now that's just mean. (sobbing....)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the list!!

Hallie :)

Debbie said...

2nd time I've seen this "needs" stuff tonight! I've got to do it too. Maybe I can gain some insight LOL!

I know I need to blog. Bet that doesn't come up!

This was hillarious. Stupid DMV.

Midwest Mommy said...

What is up with teh drunk state and needing the numbers, lol!

stitcherw said...

Sorry the DMV was a wasted trip. The government rules sometimes are such a pain. While we've been getting snow mostly, all this afternoon and evening it's been raining here. With the ground frozen, we now are having some flood watches, just can't win this year with the weather. Glad your roof seems to be moving along and the tarp and help your daughter found for you are keeping the garage protected while you get it replaced.

Micky said...

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