Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Painting Day 2

So OD and I took my truck down to Half Moon Bay (where I work and where the mechanic is) to drop it off to see if he could find out what's going on with the exhaust leak. That was at 8:15 this morning. We took our time getting home, we stopped by YD's ranch to say hi. She had called me earlier cause when I drive by the ranch I always honk...just to let my presence be known and she wanted to know where I was going in town on my day off.
Then we stopped by a warehouse to stores in town called "Twice As Nice (at half the price)" It used to be a great place to get odds and ends cheap, but it seems that the times have caught up with them too and their prices are almost as bad as everywhere else. A lot of what they have is junk and not worth the reduced price even. But I bought some mustard and dish soap because they still were a little cheaper and I needed them.
When we got home I made a tuna pasta salad for OD and I. It's almost 2:30 and I haven't heard fromt he mechanic yet. I guess I am to be carless for a couple of days! EEK!
After we ate I walked in circles for a bit until I decided that I would get to painting again. I only got a half a wall done today. I did the south wall in that room, which has a window in it. And a big hole where someone had a little anger attack and threw a large appliance. Out of that lemon I am making lemonade...I am making some little curio built in shelves for my little critter statues that I have been collecting for years. They will finally have a new home!
The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today. It is mild temps and a slight breeze. Tonight sometime late the weather people are promising rain. Please, don't let them be kidding with us! We really need the rain!
So here is a progress picture of the room...It's really hard to see, but there is a difference in color between the two walls. The wall on the right is a few tones lighter than the left wall. I like them both so far. This will probably be a room I like much better in the daylight, at night the colors take on a deeper hue and I'm not so sure I like that. We'll see when I get my craft lighting on in there, it may be good day or night! Who knows?


Dani - tkdchick said...

I hope you're counting all those activity points from painting! I really should paint my house, you put me to shame!

Lisa said...

Funny you are painting too. We are painting and decorating MY bathroom. Not my daughters, not my husbands, not any one elses but mine. Since getting back from Florida I am now doing a blue wall with beadboard with chair rail. Then I will take some of my pictures I took, frame them in white since my beadboard and trim is in white. I am excited, it is a very small room, but if I can get him working on this little project, then who knows, maybe soon we will be adding on the sun room/living room at the back. I have only been waiting 1 1/2 years~~