Sunday, February 15, 2009

No electricity! Now with Updates!

It was totally black when I woke up this morning. My alarm went off, because I have battery back up. If the alarm doesn't work, the dog always manages to wake me up. No lights.
So I went about my business getting ready for work wondering what I was going to do for four hours til I was supposed to leave.
I got dressed, brushed my teeth, started to make coffee the old fashioned way. The electricity came back on.
I came into the front room and found that since my little dog (the little princess, she says with a snarl) decided that going outside was below her and she had an accident in the front room. (GRRR!) I cleaned that up, and then swept the floor, because even in low light I could see it needed it. (Could not see it last night with the lights on, I think that is called selective sight)
When I went to take the garbage out to the garage I had the MOST horrible sight! The winds had lifted a good portion of the garage roof and blew it away! Damn! These kinds of things don't happen to me! It always happens to other people and I look at their (gone) roofs and say to myself, poor people, I am glad that's not my house! Now they will be saying that as they drive by my place.
YD called me to see if I was going to drop money by her work today. (She sold one of her trucks and I collected the money for her. Her roof is leaking too, so I told her I would pick up a tarp for her when I get mine. I told her what had happened. She said that she would bring Cheppe (one of her co-workers) to the house and he could put the tarp on for me. I offered $50 for him to do that. She told me he would do it for free, but that the $50 would be great incentive. According to YD, Cheppe is a "Magical Mexican". Well, that is what I need right now.
The water is coming into my garage right over a couch that my grandpa made and my brand new lawn mower that my girlfriend gave me. I moved everything, but they are wet now. That'll be another repair or two. (The couch was already tarped, to keep dust off of it and it's all wood so no upholstery is involved)
Well, got to get to work. I am thinking my heart won't be in it today and every time I hear a gust of wind I will flinch!
Have a good one!

Chapter Two:
Y.D. and the Magical Mexican
I'm going to start calling the dude Magic! I love him, even though he's old enough to be my son. He was up there for an hour and a half and when I came home the draining garage is almost dry...already. He did a fantastic job of closing up that hole. It's temporary, but now I have time to get a more permanent solution to the gaping hole in my garage roof. I have to call my dad and find out about insurance or does he want to go with a quicker cheaper fix. I am thinking if I have to have the insurance pay, better to let more damage get done and go for broke. If the whole roof is built the same as what the garage roof is, then there is no need for them to come in and fix that part, because the city will make us get a whole new roof.
As I looked at the damage this morning I noticed that there is NO plywood under shingles. There are just wood shingles and then composite shingles on top of those. I so hope the whole house is not like that. City ordinance is...3/4" plywood, tar paper, and composites or tile or what ever new and improved roofing finish there is.
I had a couple of contractors at work tell me to call them, they'll give me a break. (Of course, they are all chomping at the bit for work. And I don't want to call one over the other, makes for bad air at work.) So, I'll have to defer to dear old dad for this one and tell them that the "landlord" made the decision. There is one I would like to call, cause I have heard rumors about his great work and customer service, but...
I have a dinner date with my MD tonight for her girlfriends' birthday party. I don't really want to go. I'd rather sit and wallow in my crap, but I know it'll be good for me to get out, and I don't get to spend enough time with this family. We have all been good friends since the girls and I moved here. I ate comfort food today, and I will eat fun food tonight, my diet be damned!
See you all tomorrow.


Stacie said...

omg sweetie...on one hand, thank goodness it was just the garage and on the other hand, that just SUCKS!

stitcherw said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your garage. What a pain to have to deal with. I'm so glad that the couch was already covered with the tarp to protect it. Hopefully you can get it repaired fairly quickly.

Good luck with the jury duty, that is such a pain with it happens, so disruptive. We have the call in the night before and see if you are needed plan here too. Then if you do go in you just sit and wait to see it they actually need you or it they let you go home early. I'm lucky, where I work at they will pay us if we get called for jury duty, we just turn our jury duty check over to them when we get it. I don't know how some of the people that get called and have to go in that aren't paid their regular wages make it.

Glad you decided not to wait to try the Ott light. I love mine, it makes stitching soooo much easier. Your WIP is looking so pretty, glad the lighting is making it easier to do as well.

Stacie said...

I was hoping the update had PICTURES.

scoobagirl said...

oh, don't you just HATE days like that? I would have been a basket case (not that it would do any good) but srsly, I am proud of you for handling it. And I think you should go the insurance claim route, and get a new roof. You so need one. (((hugs)))

Debbie said...

Well that sucks. But, you have a good attitude about it, which is YEAH! for you. I'm glad you have friends and family to help you make these decisions.

I hope you had a good time tonight out with the "girls" :)

((hugs)) Hang in there hon!

Mary Ellen said...

You sound pretty upbeat for somebody who had that whole mess happen! Sorry about your roof, but thank heaven for magical Mexicans. Hope you had a fun dinner - you deserve a break.

Coffee Bean said...

Oh NO!!! I hate it when stuff like that happens! You made me laugh when you said something about wanting to stay home and wallow in your crap. I know the feeling.