Monday, February 23, 2009

Rain, rain, rain

As some of you have posted that you are sick of winter and the snow, so am I sick of rain. We need it. But comon! My weather Channel window says rain from now until Kingdom come. And that's a long time!
The tarp is holding up. I love it. The Magical Mexican asked me to tell him when I want to do the repairs, he wants to fix it for me. I was wrong about which Magical Mexican did the was actually the dad and not the son, but who ever...they both worked on it and it's still my favorite thing that has happened in a long time. YD speaks two languages, another of her many talents. Her boss has told her that she needs to teach all the Mexicans that work as guides English. It is really a good idea. After all, these guys are guides for people who are riding 1500 pound animals and if something is going wrong, it would be a good idea to be able to tell the people what to do to fix it. In English! She has taught the Magical Mexican dad quite a bit. He did a good job of talking to me the other day, I speak very little Spanish, so I was impressed.
I still have some research to do. My dad wants me to find out what the rest of the roof is made of, (which means I have to get up on the top of an eight foot ladder, to a place where there are way too many cob webs and look into the attic of my house. Um...yech!), then find out what the city code is for roofs (rooves?) here. Then he will probably send my neice's husband and his company over to do what ever needs to be done. He wants to keep it in the family, I think that is only right.
I was going to take pictures of my progress on my latest stitch. It's coming along nicely. For some reason, I put my camera in my purse and left it there about two weeks ago. Um, the battery is dead, dead, dead. No pictures happening today.
I have nothing to really concentrate on today and tomorrow, so I will play it by ear. There are things I should do, but the question I want to do them? We'll see. I am so not motivated at all!
Y'all have a great day!



rain, snow, cold.. its all annoying to me! Anything in moderation, yea, but everyday?

This winter feels long. Love the picture you have on the top of your page.

Midwest Mommy said...

lol, who is the magical mexican?