Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Pictures...yech!

These are from the inside of the garage. The garage door is to the left. The blue that you see is the tarp that the Magical Mexican put up for me. (You know I always thought my garage was cold before. Tarps do not keep the outside tempuratures out.)
The water that poured into the garage Sunday morning has dried up and it's a little more back to normal, I know that is temporary, cause when the roof gets repaired or replaced I know that it is going to be a big mess. But with big messes comes big clean ups, I am hoping that it'll get me motivated on re-organizing too. I think you might already know that I am not good at sticking with a project, cause there is always a bigger and better project waiting for me to not finish!
Speaking of not finishing...My craft room project has been put on hold and yet again. I am never going to get my room! (Yes, I am whining here) Because we got copious amounts of rain in a very short period of time, Mother Nature decided that along with the new skylights in the garage I should have a pool in my backyard! YAY! for Mother Nature. Mind you, this is not a heated pool, in fact it's kind of a gross pool. My water loving dogs won't even go out there now! I wouldn't give a rats ass about water standing in the back yard, but MD's room is detached from the house and has become an island unto it's own. MD came out of her room to come in and get ready for work yeseterday and found that she was ankle deep in the backyard turned pool. I told her, until these storms are gone and over with, you might want to move your belongings into the main house and use my craft room. It took her about a half an hour to bring in her most prized possessions, and some stuff she would need for work. I can't wait for our Indidan Summer that I usually hate, it will dry this mess out so well!
On a more fun note. The friend who I joined for dinner Sunday night was off work yesterday for the holiday. She and I have different days off, so we don't get to spend a lot of time together. Since I am off on Mondays and she had the holiday, we planned on doing something. Her daughter is getting married in August, so they spend all their spare time shopping for things for that day. They are making everything themslves, so Michael's and Joann's are getting the benefit of their wedding dollars. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day with my friend! We went and had lunch first, and then hit Michael's. I like to look at stuff at Michael's but I rarely buy from there. So I had fun giving my opinion on things that they were picking up and adding my two cents worth on ideas they had. She says that I helped out on a lot of things, I hope that is true. When we got to Joann's I didn't see her again, til we left. I am so addicted to things Joann's. Plus, there was this super fantastic sale going on and I ran around in a frenzy to see what would come home with me. Oh my! I'm happy to say I didn't spend an awful lot, but I did spend. I bought fifteen fat quarters (which to explain to non quilter/crafters is literally a quarter yard of fabric that can be used for an enormous amount of crafty/quilty fun. They bundle them up and a person can get lots and lots of color going on for a small amount of money.) The fat quarters are usually $1.49 each, I got them for $.90! YAY! Then I found some nice material suitable for quilt backing. It was marked down from $7.98/yard, to $3.00 a yard. The there was 50% off and I had a coupon for 10% off of everything. The material ended up being $1.35 a yard! Another YAY! for me! I also got some quilt batting at 50% plus another 10% off. I wish I had more time, but then I would need to build another room on the house to store all this stuff!
The TV is warning us of nasty thunder storms approaching. I'm going to have to get off the computer. Oh boy! I just can't wait for the next exciting chapter of stormy Northern California! Anyone want to venture on what part of the roof is going next?
Wish me luck...ya'll have a great one!


Stacie said...

YUCK, what a mess...hang in there.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Stay dry. This does not sound fun.


Mary Ellen said...

I'm beginning to think the whole 'sunny California' thing is a big fat lie.

Be careful out there!

Midwest Mommy said...

Winner! I email ya yesterday let me know if you are still interested in the "Seal it with a Kiss" giveaway :-)

Debbie said...

Sucks being a single/woman homeowner sometimes doesn't it? I feel your pain my dear ((hugs)). I hope you get your craft room back soon. You deserve this space! You can go in there an escape the rest of the crap/world!

I'm glad you had fun time with girlfriend! You deserve that too!!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness,sounds as if you are in the middle of a big mess. Hope it dries up quickly for you.
But on a happier note, sounds as if you hit the major fabric jackpot! The pot at the end of the rainbow, the biggin'! YOU DID GOOD! I am not a person that can sew...I can paint (bathrooms!)and I can create photos, but I can not sew!!! so I think people like you (and my dear Aunt Peggy!) are extra special people with talent! Good for you!

Micky said...

Thanks for the encouraging words.