Monday, February 02, 2009

Did it Again!

I lost another 1.3 pounds this week. And it was my worst week eating ever! I know I'm still losing because I am totally conscious of what is going in my mouth and how many points I am consuming. I really, really need to start getting myself in the habit of eating RIGHT!!!
In other stupid news...I got a ticket for running a red light the other night. It was a matter of the light turned yellow and I argued with myself about whether I should apply the brakes hard and fast or just go through it. Just go through it won out and there was a cop sitting at the light which was about to turn green for him. So naturally he pulled me over. (I'm a dumbass) After he wrote out my ticket and had me sign it, I asked very politely if he would mind signing off my fix it ticket I got the week before. He laughed and said, "Sure, while I'm here, might as well." Nice guy.
YD has got a major portion of her belongings moved into her new digs. She's happy, I'm happy. I hope she doesn't go shooting herself in the foot again. She seems to go along just fine and working hard, then she forgets that there are rules out there in real world, and blows it. She never really does anything that is against the law, she just does stupid things and gets into trouble. Right now she is paying big time for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people around. But she is not here with her one sister who tries to screw anyone over that she can.
Speaking of MD. I finally put my foot down and said no and meant it and kept saying no. She tried black mailing me..."Fine, If you don't sign this paper (and perjure yourself) I'll just end up in jail and I'll lose my job and then you will be all in hot water cause you'll have to drive all the way down there to visit me and you won't have anytime to yourself...on and on..." I just said, "Who told you I'd be visiting you?" I would not sign her paper and perjure myself. I told her she had to just tell her P.O. the truth and maybe things would go well for her. It all turned out okay and now she knows I am no longer a patsy. Ha! Ha!
I got some free paint from work yesterday. We recycle paint for the community. Someone brought by some attractive, fairly bright colors. They aren't the exact colors I would have chosen for my sewing/craft room. But they are cheery colors and that is what I wanted. I painted most of one wall this morning. It's a deep peachy/apricot color. I have a lighter tone of that , yellow and a light turquiose too. I am doing a wall in each color and then timming it all (door, window and closet mouldings in a chocolate brown to tie it all together. If I don't like it, I also have a full gallon of white to erase everything. The only thing I have to lose is time, no biggy!Here's the partially painted wall:


Stacie said...

1.3 loss is GREAT, your body is now on it's way to losing the weight forever...good for you!

So glad you hung up the Patsy hat. ;)

I really like that color, can't wait to see it when it is all done!

Debbie said...

It's bright! It will look great. I'm proud of your stance with MD and hope YD will keep it together. All we can do is pray and forget it, I guess. How do we not worry? We're Moms!

Keep up the weight loss! With my injury, I think I'm gaining..Ugh.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wooo hooo! Fantastic loss! You're doing really well for just over a month at it! Keep it up, the body does funny things, you have a bad week food/personally wise and the scale sometimes treats you well.