Friday, February 06, 2009

I splurged!

Now that I write that word it sounds funny...but I did, I splurged.
I FINALLY got my truck smog and registration all settled. This has been the longest time to get things arranged evah! I came home from work today thinking I will call the Automobile Association I belong to and see if our DMV there is open today. (Our lovely governator decided to save money he would have all state offices close every other Friday and wouldn't you know he would start on the Friday I needed to be in one of those offices!)Anyway...backtrack here. I called, it took me 17 and a half minutes to get through to...nothing! I figured oh hell, I have a half an hour to drive up there before they would close anyway, I'll just waste my gas and go see for myself.
I got there five minutes before they would normally close. And YAY! for me, they were open today and I had five minutes to spare. WOOHOO! (The automobile Association has a contract witht he DMV and the contract says they stay open when the Automobile Association offices are open so yay...membership has it's priviledges. I pay a lot for that, but the association also pays for towing my car, bringing me gas, and/or getting me in my locked up car if I am so inclined to lock myself out. Plus, they will post bail if I am ever arrested in another state (?) but not California...go figure.
I am so getting off track here! Geez!
So, but, anyway. I got my tags for my truck. I had to get the muffler and tailpipe replaced cause they leaked therefore causing me not to get the smog test done and after I had those things replaced I took the truck to a smog test station to have her tested. She passed! YAY! for me. Hence the trip to get the tags. Got 'em! all done for a year. I don't have to be smogged for two years so that is a good thing and I probably won't have this truck then, cause I learned some expensive things about my truck on this journey. Another blog story another day.
So...I felt good about things. I had beat the system and yet another time. YAY! for me.
I went to Joann's Fabrics to celebrate. (Lots less calories than cake) I sauntered through the aisles, cause I had no where to be at any particular time. (I love having grown children and no husband) I picked up some fat quarters to start another quilt when I get the quilt of the century finished. (If ever) I looked through books to get some ideas on how I want this quilt to be. I looked at yarn, I looked at bags (I have too many) I looked at embroidery threads, and bought some. I picked up some replacement knitting needles, because I forgot who I was one day and used a knitting needle to align something and misaligned my poor needle. (I would never have done this if I had been in my right mind) And then I sauntered over to the OTT lights. BIG MISTAKE! Do you know what an OTT light is? An OTT light is EXPENSIVE. An OTT light is fantastic for small hand work, it is great for matching colors, it is the most greatest thing for failing eyesight when all you want to do is create. Um yea, so I kinda sorta bought one. A floor lamp, with a bendy neck so I can position the thing exactly right just where I want it, and it has a 3X magnifier on it...oh yea! There's my splurge!
You know what this means don't you? It means I really have to finish up my craft room, cause I ain't taking that thing out of the box until the room is done. I mean it. You can send me to my other room if I tell you I peaked.
It's not going to happen this weekend. I have one day off. I pulled jury duty on my second day off. So I will only get my laundry done and maybe a little stitching. Or reading. Naw, I'll save that for jury duty.
You all have a great one!


stitcherw said...

Sounds like things are really going your way at the moment, your truck is all set and you have an awesome new Ott light. Ott lights are great. I have one in my stitching corner and it makes stitching sooooo much easier, easier to see and easier on the eyes, less tiring. Hope you get your room all set up soon so you can enjoy it.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your vote for favorite wiener was the winner!!

Most everyone agreed that Singing the Blues was the best pic.

Thanks for playing!