Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jury Duty

Well...I got the letter from the court system about a month or so ago.

You are hereby ordered to report for jury duty

We get the information where, when, how, what. Then a number to call the night before to see if they really do want you to come in. Or you can go online. And since I don't like phones much, I go online. I read, "You have been placed on phone standby." Did I say I don't like phones much? So today, I must CALL in between 11:15 AM and 11:45 AM. At which time they may tell me forget it, enjoy the rest of your meager day off, or hurry, hurry! You must be here in fifteen minutes or two hours, or call us back after 6PM for an update on your future life.
I love (NOT) hanging around for other people. Besides due to my last years bout with a certain YD I think I have had enough of judges, prosecuting attorneys and the musty smells of old courtrooms. And herds of people. I think I will be taking my Ativan in the near future.
Two years ago I had jury duty and made it all the way to the jury box after I had told the judge that $15 a day was not going to pay any of my bills and he told me to try to make it work. Um, how can a person be objective about another person's life when all you can think about is how you are going to buy gas, pay for electricity, water and groceries? I literally cried when he turned two women loose after they cried the same hardships that I claimed! He let me go, after I cried. I know it is our civic duty to go and listen to the facts and make a judgement. I can't just sit there, I have things to do! I can't remember details after a day or two, I don't think I would make the proper choice. Besides I have this thought that even though, "A person is innocent until proven guilty" they must be there for a reason...and then there was last year when my YD was picked up because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and they just wanted answers from her that she didn't have and they held her until they realized they were wrong. I hate the courts, there are only about two judges that I like over there (and there are hundreds) and there is a particular district Attorney that reeks of plastic. (I nicknamed him the Ken doll and he does not like me)
So...what are your legal systems like? How do you get called to duty? Do they make you set yourself aside and wait by the phone? I'm sure each state and county have their own little quirks.


Mary Ellen said...

I have always WANTED to get picked for jury duty (a lifetime of watching Law & Order, I think) but it has never happened. My boss got picked once, and he had to actually show up. No calling it in!

Hopefully they won't need you this time!

Jeri said...

I've been on 2 juries - one a civil suit regarding a property ownership dispute, the other was a grand jury. I enjoyed the experience but it was one of those things where you knew right away that you made the cut. Around here, you get a numbered postcard summoning you to be there on a certain day, and usually among the first 20 people they will have enough for the jury. They do have a phone number to call before showing up, just in case of a pre-trial settlement at the last minute. Otherwise you better be there at 9:00 am! :)

Lisa said...

Never been called to Jury duty, where I lived if you were a cop you were not going to be called to jury duty. Fine with me. I sat in enough court rooms to satisfy my curiousity. I have very mixed emotions about our court system...having been the "officer" that put many people there, I also sat on the other side when my niece was raped by her God Father. The DA did a great job, I liked him fine, but this guy had an attorney by the name of Steven Jones...remember him? He defended Timothy McVeigh (sp?) that did the bombing in Oklahoma City years ago. Do you remember that? Well Steven Jones has a reputation around the state that if you are guilty he is the one you want to hire. Even at a pretty hefty tune. But you guessed it...this guy got off. Even the day he walked into the court he offered my neice 25,000 dollars, plead guilty to a misdemeanor and she had to sign a release to not sue him. She turned it down, wanted him to serve jail time and have to register as a sex offeneder. The jury found him not guilty. Go figure. How is there truly justice when a 30's something can have sex with a 15 year old and get away with it. I just hope and pray that God will give him "justice". He sure used his being a "Christain" and had church people there to speak on his behalf. That is something I have NO TOLERANCE for. Sorry, I have gone on long enough, hope you didn't have to spend all your time waiting on the courts.

Debbie said...

Since I moved back here, I've been called 2 times and both times, not chosen. Just sat in a room all day waiting.

David got a letter. Showed up and got picked and it all lasted one day. I can't even remember the trial.

Once you get a driver's license it's luck of the draw, I guess.

It's a pain!

Wear whatever you want...sure way to not get chosen! LOL