Sunday, April 06, 2008

To Catch a Thief

I missed my calling. I should have been a cop or detective or something like that.
But this time I missed my thief by seconds. I hate people who steal, so I make it my personal vendetta to "get" them at a later date, when they return to the scene of the crime, and they do, eventually. I was waiting to get in the ladies room at work yesterday and this biatch was taking too long, which always makes me suspicious anyway. Then when she finally came out, she was a little too startled to see me there waiting. While I was waiting I was straightening up the hangers and products that were tussled. She made a kind of big to-do over me having to wait so long while she was "primping" she called it. (I have always called it just plain ol' hiding the goods) I just kept saying no worries, when I really just wanted to get in there and pee, before I soaked my britches.
When I got in the restroom, I noticed immediately that there were tags off of clothing sitting right on top of the garbage can. She didn't even have the brains enough to bury the tags. (Maybe she has a phobia of bathroom germs or something.)
So, I went and scanned the tags which told me there was supposed to be three hats on the hook. I went and counted...well, hmmm...there were only two hats. I told my boss, and she said to check the video, but I had to wait until the other boss was there today to check it. Sure enough it was the woman I had encountered. She not only took the hat, but about four other products. Well, don't cha know that the next time the biatch comes in my store I am going to be on her like flies on s**t. I kill the thieves with kindness, pester the crap out of them til they get that they are not ever going to be able to thieve from us again. What a fun day! I love stuff like this. Justice, it does a body good!

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stitcherw said...

Hmmmm yup, killing them with kindness and smothering them with attention. Some people's nerve is just amazing.