Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Time flies

Not really. I have been busy. Schedule changes at work, hate it. I worked the late shift tonight and it sucks. The only reason I did not fall asleep on my feet while at work tonight is because my order was in and it was a big one. So I did that until 7pm and then went and stood at the service counter and looked at for an hour. Next Wednesday I will have no order to put up, so it'll be a stretch to keep me awake, there's justnot enough business to keep me interested.
Since Sunday? I dunno what I have been doing. Well, wait I do. I wanted to get over this crud once and for all, so I did a little bit of nothing then continued on with a lot of nothing. I did knit all day Monday. I don't know how to fix mistakes when I knit, so when I find a mistake, I pull everything out and start all over. Did that a dozen times. Tuesday, more of the same. I have to pull out all the knitting I have done so far on my wash cloth and start over again. I don't even know what I did wrong, I just know that I ended up with about 8 extra stitches somewhere along the line. Practice, practice, practice.
My dad continues to be well. I haven't had much chance to talk to him, but I hear through the family grapevine that he is good.
Middle daughter has a job again. Hopefully, she will get back on track paying for her new car, that is being repaired after three accidents. (I have no clue how she plans to pay for that.) She has courts costs to pay, drug school to pay for and NA meetings to attend. She has a lot of stuff ahead of her, yet still thinks that all is well with the world. I sure wish I had me a pair of rose colored glasses like that. The main thing is it means that she will not be sitting around the house like a hungry bump on a log eating me out of house and home, cause she's bored. (I have one of her "real" friends to thank for her getting the job. Let's hope she doesn't mess that up)
My ceramics classes are still my saving grace. A little bit of paradise to visit a couple of times a week.
Got to get myself to bed. This night at work done wore me out!


kim-d said...

Oh my. Gosh, and you wonder WHY you are ending up with extra stitches? Sounds like it might be time again for some tough love in the Claudia household, huh? Rose-colored glass may seem sort of pretty, but they sure don't do jack for protecting one's eyes from the sun. Then, too, DENIAL is not just a river far, far away. Oy. And on top of it all, they switch your schedule. That's just not right; adding insult to injury, I say :)! Thankfully there is icanhascheezburger--I sat one night and went through the WHOLE site. Isn't it just one of the funnest things ever?

When all else fails, sleep. And kick her hungry lump of an ass out if she doesn't see the light pretty soon. Man, I know it's hard, I do--but, at this point, it sure does sound like her problems are HER problems and she needs to get a more functional pair of glasses and DEAL.

Or, I could just shut up, huh? HAHA!

You know I love ya....and


See what I did there? I changed up the "hug" and "I love ya" lines, just to make you laugh at the irony of it all. I know, I know...what did you ever do to deserve such a friend, huh? :)

stitcherw said...

Sorry you're having such a struggle with the knitting, that would be so frustrating. I get off to, and when I do I have no idea where or how and have to rip it out as well. I've gotten now so that I count after about every other row just to make sure that I haven't lost or added stitches that shouldn't be there.

Good luck with working the new schedule, that doesn't sound much fun. I hope it goes smoother and is easier than anticipated. Sorry too that middle daughter is still a challenge. I'll keep my fingers crossed the new job works out and that she gets things straightened around and can keep them that way. So glad to hear that your dad is still doing well, that must be a huge relief.