Friday, April 04, 2008

Update on the Dad side!

Sorry (Kim-D) I wasn't in the best of conditions myself yesterday. I came home sick AGAIN!!! Then my oldest nurse-gonna-be-type-daughter convinced me that I am having a nervous break down (well, stress related stuff) and needed to go to class regardless of my stomach issues. Okay, I am stressed out cause of a certain middle daughter who is drama central right now. Well, not just right now...she has amped it up a bit the last two or so months. Anyway, that would be another blog, I really don't want to get into.
So, sometime yesterday afternoon, my sister called and said, "Everything went great, oh here talk to Dad." OMG! He sounded 200% better already! He was chipper and talking faster than he has been in awhile and willing to talk! I guess when your heart is pumping oxygen around to all your body parts, you tend to feel much better. (His heart rate at the last doctor appointment was, at times down to 20 and stopped a couple of times for five seconds)
So we got our real Dad back. Now we just need to find out what it will take to keep him from wearing himself out again. We would like to have him around a lot longer. It was REALLY great to talk to him!


kim-d said...

GOOD (claps hands vigorously)!!!!!

As for you, listen to your oldest daughter. And know that when you decide it's time to blog about that middle one, I'm sure I'll have a comment! HAHAHA! Do you have any idea how hard it is to NOT say anything right now. But I do not want to add to your already-high stress level. More HAHA'ing...

All I will say is this...YOU ARE THE MOM.


lOVE YA...

stitcherw said...

I am sooooo glad to hear that your dad is doing well. It is amazing what fixing some things health wise can do.

With your dad doing better, I hope other things settle down for you now soon, sounds like the stress level is starting to cause other problems for you. Take care of yourself,