Saturday, April 19, 2008

Allergy Update

So the doctor told me that it would take about two weeks for the Flonase to kick in. Just Peachy. I am two days into it, 12 to go. I am not coughing as much as I was, so there's a little light at the beginning of my tunnel. I am still doing spastic coughing at times, but it is better.

I am hoping that by my weekend, I will be even better, which given the amount of energy it takes for me to do these coughing fits, I may have some energy left over to do something, anything around the house.

I still have the quilt of the century to finish and I have a cazillion cross stich projects that are feeling left out of my life. And I need to start and finish a couple of clay projects to get done so I can take advantage of the kilns at school. I want to gift a co-worker with a vase, since she almost peed her pants when I showed her the picture of the vase I did (am doing). She loves suns and moons, so I thought I would make two smaller vases with a sun on one and the moon on the other. I have a couple of cute patterns that would work for those, but I have to move fast, the end of the semester is closing in on us. Plus there are some assigned projects that need to be done. It's not like I am worried about getting a good grade for the class, I am not using it for my degree or anything, but I like to do my best when I have joined something, so I don't want to slack now. Then the new semester starts June 16th. I will be going through withdrawals between the end of this semester and the start of the next. But I can do stuff at home during that time too.

I picked up some ingredients at the store yesterday to try a recipe I saw on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman's blog yesterday. I am hoping to do that this weekend too. It's called Dump Cake and is just like it sounds. You dump the ingredients in a baking dish and bake it. I like easy and this is all that and hopefully more. I still have to pick up some stuff to make Grandmthers Bread that I found on another blog; Chickens in the Road. The bread sounds delicious. I used to make bread years ago all the time, I haven't for a while. I need to get back to some basics here.

That's it so far this morning. It's my late evening at work, I am hoping the day goes by quickly. It's cold and windy, we won't get many customers in this weather. Everyone will be home where I want to be. Hope your day is all you want it to be!


Dieta said...

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kim-d said...

Hey you! Okay, now I understand--I was wondering where you were, and hoping you weren't down-for-the-count sick. I, too, have allergy eyes right about now. I am so sorry for the continuing "problems" with Middle?? or Youngest?? Damn, huh? This I can tell you for sure, though, I think what your Dad had to say so many years ago is HAI-LARIOUS! BWAHAHAHA!!!

Once you get back to blogging, I'll be here. Oh, who am I kidding...even if you don't blog, I'll just post comment after comment here. Dedicated, or just a loser? HAHAHA!


Love ya...