Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Fair!

I just spent three days at work in the heat! It was up to 75 degrees here at one point. (But that is according to one of the receiving guys, they may exaggerate a bit too) It was too hot for working. Especially when you have to wear close toed shoes and a vest or cobbler's apron or whatever, but extra clothing. We got through it, just the same.
What is unfair is the fact that now that it is my day off and I can be home enjoying the 75 degree weather, it is foggy, drippy, cold, cold, cold. Yesterday I was happily thinking about projects I could do and things I was going to accomplish, because sunshine always makes me more energetic. And now, YUCK! I may as well, just go back to bed and watch mindless TV. Or read a book, or something, but IN BED, not out and about.
I do have stuff I need to do. Like tear my front room apart and deep clean it. The dog hair is lurking in nooks and crannies. I know this, because it is visible now. I haven't really swept this room up thoroughly since I started being sick. (I still have the crud, but not as bad)
I got this urge to make a fountain yesterday. It may have been that I spent time in the front of the store helping out the cashiers and there are fountains all over the place, so now I crave the sound of running water. It may be that it reminds me of babbling brooks and I want to be by one right now, I don't know, but I formulated a fountain in my mind, using stuff I have around here already.
I really think that the workweek needs to be backwards. On two days, off five. I just can't accomplish everything I want to do in two days. Five would do it for me. Of course I would want the paycheck to be the same amount it is as if I worked five days...I know...dream on. I do know that I have to do laundry, I have to get my bedding changed and I really should have to get my room cleaned. I wish I had Hallisicle's energy, cause I would love to clean, clean, clean like she just did this weekend. I want Godwill to think of me as their best friend like they think of Hallisicle. (Lessons please Hallie???)
I hope your work week, or weekend or what ever you are experiencing right now is good!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Pretend I'm standing behind you shooting disgusted looks your way which I will only stop doing if you CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!!

Seriously, start in one room and do NOT stop until it's done. Don' leave the room. Make a Goodwill pile, a throw away pile, an Ebay pile (if you do that) and a must be put away in another room pile.

Do not change from this routine.

If you do, picture my SUPREMELY DISGUSTED FACE. I can give a mean look when I need to!


kim-d said...

AMEN TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID, SISTER CLAUDIA!!!!! I, too, would love at least three fountains. We went and saw Minnehaha Falls on Sunday afternoon--and the Falls ARE already falling, even though some ice still clings to the walls!--and I am also craving the water sound. And 2 on/5 off? YEAH, BABY! And 27 hours in each day.


Love ya...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

And where is a new blog entry? I need to know what's up with you!