Friday, April 11, 2008


Just sometimes a nice customer comes in and it is so easy to do anything for them. I have one (well more, but this story is about one in particular)such customer. He is the nicest man, always pleasant, always has nice things to say and is ALWAYS smiling. He's a contractor. The contractors get jobs, come in and buy everything they think they will need for a job. When they are finished with those jobs, at times there are things left over that just don't get used. So they bring them back. We have a very open policy about returns. This very nice customer has just realized that he has tons of returns. When ever anyone at the store sees him coming they leave the service counter. I don't. He apologizes about the boxes of returns, to which I reply, "Hey! It's all in the same eight hours!" I don't care what I do for eight hours, as long as I do...something, anything! So, I go through his returns one at a time pick through, make sure they are all right and priced appropriately and give his account the money back. No biggy. Now, he saves his returns for me, which I gladly do time after time. I don't know what the big deal is. Today, he told me I should get a prize for my patience. I told him I already got a prize. The prize is that he comes in with a smile and I take that as a compliment, I don't make him angry or impatient or anything like that. Well, he brought me a prize this afternoon...a $15 gift card to Peet's Coffee. (Do you have those back there?) They are sorta kinda like Starbuck's only much stronger coffee! He handed it to me and asked if I drank the stuff, and I told him that is why he sees me awake every morning! Needs caffeine! It was so nice to receive that card.
Since it got extremely hot here today and it is my early day off, I went right over to Peet's and got myself and iced Jasmine tea. What a refreshing ride home I had today. Just what the doctor ordered. (Well, if doctors were into ordering super caffeinated teas for their patients) I love me some Jasmine Tea. In fact, I just took my last sip of it. mmmmm good! I'm going to tell my contractor what a pleasant ride home I had because of him.
I think I will take the camper shell of my truck this weekend and get started on getting my brother in law help me make racks for it, so I can put the kayak on the truck. The weather is beautiful here today (which won't last) It is a sign that I need to get my arse in gear if I am ever going to enjoy kayaking this summer and fall. If I have the kayak on the truck I can stop off at the harbor for an hour or so when it is nice and go out and get some fresh air and excercise. After all that is why I bought the kayak in the first place. It is the best tranquilizer around!
I got a little bit more glazing done on my vase in class lastnight. It looks as though I will only get one color done a night. I am taking it slow and easy, so it looks good when I am done. I will show you a picture when it's finished.

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stitcherw said...

What a sweetie he sounds. Customers like that make a huge difference. So much of things depend on how you look at them. Others at work see him as a pain, but you see it as a way to fill your time, as part of the job, and that he isn't doing it to drive you nuts. By picking a positive attitude you're making it an enjoyable occurance for you both. And how nice that he recognises it and your extra effort, the gift card was a lovely thought. The Jazmine tea sounds delicious.