Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comfort...in a strange way...

There is something comforting in getting the dishes done, even if you have to make several trips from the kitchen to the bathroom. And back.
There's something comforting in packing those dishes, pot, pans, glasses and silverware up in a box. And putting them in the back of your truck. And locking it.
There's something comforting in knowing that there is nothing to cook with or eat off of, unless you have the key to that truck.
I will save some money by not having to buy food, that I will not get to eat. And that is comforting too.
YD's on again, off again boss at one of the ranches she works at occasionally, is an attorney. She and I had a conversation mostly about YD, but some about MD. She wanted to know why I hadn't kicked her out yet. I explained, she understood. I told her I have the paperwork to evict her legally, but I am really legalese challenged. She's going to help me fill out the paperwork, my girlfriend (the generous one) is giving me the money to file. I am on the home stretch...or homeless stretch, depending on which side of the fence you are on. Comforting.
I unclogged my kitchen sink/laundry tub this afternoon. YAY for me! I saved about $150 doing it myself. I bought a 25' snake for about $10 from work, took the pipes apart under the kitchen sink and stuck that snake in there and cleaned 'em right out. You can't believe what a glorious sound sinks make when the water finally runs out of them. Righteously comforting. (Cause when I do bring the dishes, etc. back in from the truck, I can wash them where they are supposed to be washed.)
Now all I have to do is get my dryer running again. That will require me to become a detective of sorts. And I will have to make several trips over the hill and possibly I will have to wait for parts to come in, but that is not as big a deal as the clogged sinks. I can always go to the laundry mat with wet clothes. Or on our better days (few and far between) I can hang stuff on the lines in the back yard.
The dog bed has made no progress. I seem to be pulled away from my sewing machine on my days off lately. Yesterday was a total waste of time, cause I had to be over the hill. (I should explain "over the hill"...)It doesn't mean that I am old, I am, but when I go over the hill, I am doing just that. In order to be off the coast, a person has to drive over a hill. No matter which way you go. And that's at least a 30 minute drive. And while there's a lot here on the coast for us to do, purchase, see, there's a lot we have to leave the coast to do or get.
Back to work tomorrow. It's my late day, order day, so it will fly by, cause I go, go, go from the minute I walk in the door.
I hope your day is good!


stitcherw said...

Congrats on getting the sink fixed. I'll bet you felt wonderful when you saw the water running through correctly. I wish I was half as clever as you at repairing things around the house. Good luck with the paper work for MD, I'm glad that your YD understands and is able to help, as well as your friend helping too. Hopefully it will all get straightened out soon.

Debbie said...

I'm behind in reading! I'm impressed at your sink unstopping capabilities!! WTG girl! You be careful tackling that dryer...220 gives quite a kick I'm told!!

See..you want a camper and I want the coast! Grass is greener everywhere but where we are LOL. You sound a little calmer and I'm glad. Getting things done helps, I know. Hard to get motivated tho...I'm there now...ugh!