Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Didn't quite go the way I wanted

But then, nothing lately has. Today, I feel better, after an afternoon at the laundomat with YD and paying bills and then sheltering in my room. Not exactly fun city on the first day of my weekend.
I gave the ultimatum. Of course, MD immediately went on the defence. Who wouldn't? I told her I would not argue any points with her, because this is MY decision and no one else's. She only had to point at one pile of papers or the other. Of course that is not what she did. She just started in on how horrible I am, how I am starving her to death, how, I love her sisters, but not her. She called me every horrible name in the book you can think of and then some. EH...water off a ducks back at this point.
At one point I had had it with her accusations and decided to leave and get some peace. She refuses to leave. There is something so wrong with her mental processes. Would YOU want to stay around someone who supposedly hates you, or starves you? I started changing the password on the computer so she couldn't lock me out of it. (Like she did the other day!) She asked if I was changing the password. I said yes, and she came back with, well, if you fix it so I can't go on, then I will fix it so no one can go on. I just picked up the phone and called the cops. I met them at the door when they got there and told them what she said. Well, having a number of run ins with her in the past few months, the cop just laid it on the line for her. This is your mom's house. Unless you bought anything in this house, you have no right to it. You are 22 years old. You have been pretty lucky for the last four years that your mom has even put up with one minute of your shenanagans. She doesn't have to house you, feed you, drive you anywhere or pick you up. She doesn't have to say good morning or good night. And she certainly doesn't have to put up with the parade of clowns that apparently have been marching through. So, grow up and take her up on her offer of rehab, or we will be putting you in the streets, when she does the eviction.
Then he told me to call the Sheiff's Civil Division and they will tell me how to get an eviction so that she will have to leave in ten days, not thirty.
Then she asked me if I would pick her up when rehab is done.
I said no.
I still have to get the money together to pay for filing. It's $195, not $160 like I had originally heard, but the dad is sending me $100.
Today won't be fun either, I am sure. But I will let you know.

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