Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Bed

This will soon be a dog bed cover. It would have been yesterday, but my couch was calling my name and I had to answer. It was a long answer...I slept for a few hours yesterday late afternoon and evening. I have the bed itself nearly finished. The batting is sewn inside of muslin, I just have to put another layer of muslin on, so that I can turn it inside out to make finished edges. Then on to the cover. Today is my late day at work, so nothing will be done on it til tomorrow. The fleece (pictured above) was only $3.99 a yard. I am so tempted to go back and get more and make more fleecey things, but I will most likely not do that. I have enough projects in the wings waiting for my attention. I just have so much admiration for those who can get major amounts of things done in a day. I guess if I hadn't bought these damned couches months ago, there would be nothing calling my name in the afternoons, and I would get stuff done. Oh hell, who am I kidding? The floor would be calling my name if I didn't have those couches.
MD and I managed to get the kitchen sparkling. I think she is finally getting it that she has to do something toward living here. It is still too little too late, but I am trying to get my nerves and stomach back to normal, so I am not rocking any boats. I'm just tired of the arguing and trying to expain how things should be. She not getting it and I am not getting through, so why waste the energy. For now, I am biding my time. She is of the belief that if she gets a job interview, that should be the only thing she concentrates on. She won't apply for other jobs until she does the interview and gets the results. Which I could tell her, (but don't) that she is not getting that job. I am trying to get her to put in many, I mean MANY applications, and accept MANY interviews, set them up and go to all of them. She just refuses to do this. I think one application and one interview every week and a half is just not enough. I suggested yesterday that she get ahold of CA, employment offices and apply for unemployment benefits. Then stay on that site and look at the job opportunities there. She couldn't find it! So today, I am setting it up for her. I know, I know...I shouldn't be doing for her, but I need her to move forward and out! One way or another.
I never did get to that second cupboard in the hall. Perhaps next weekend.
I just want to get through this week unscathed.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Damn I wish I sewed!! Fenway and Chauncey would look fantastic lying under or on that!!

I suck. You rock!


kim-d said...

Hey, you! Speak of sucking, when it comes to comments lately, I suck big time--but know that I'm here reading and formulating all of the many words of wisdom I will have for you when I finally do comment--BWAHAHAHA! Seriously, thank YOU for your words of wisdom lately; it means a lot, and I do so appreciate it. You are a great pal! And I am so thinking of know. Everything is gonna be okay; it will all work out eventually, just as it's supposed to. Things take time, but sometimes they're supposed to...

BIG, HUGE fact, several. Love ya!...

stitcherw said...

Love the dog blanket you're working on. It looks like it will be so soft and comfy. I should try to make something like that for Jaz.

So sorry to hear all that has been going on with MD and YD. I've had so much going on lately that I'm way behind in both reading and posting. Your stress level must be through the roof, no wonder you're drained all the time. I'm amazed you can get back up off the couch. I hope things can resolve soon and settle down a bit for you all. {{hugs}}

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad my flaming nipples made you laugh!!

Hallie :)