Monday, June 16, 2008

Wedding day and points thereafter

One of the brides and me. The wedding was beautiful. The place they had it was beautiful. It was in one of the girl's aunt's house which is situated on a canal big enough for ski boats and skiers. So we had a little side show to entertain us while waiting for the wedding to start. It was a little my hair doesn't always look like that! Well, maybe sometimes it doesn't look like that. So great wedding, great reception, great food and company. We left around 8:30 and got to bed at a decent time. I did go to work yesterday, like I thought I might, and work was fun too. I guess it helps to party a little to make the regular stuff of life better.
Today the MD and I went to the laundymat to dry clothes. I was a little miffed with her cause I told her as soon as I had my clothes washed we were leaving. When mine were done I went out and told her to get up and let's get going. While I was waiting for her I cleaned out my truck. (What a mess!) She got up and started washing more clothes! I had a million other things to do today and wasn't in the mood to wait for her. Of course her answer to that was, "Well, if I don't have clean clothes I can't get a job." I told her I thought it was great that she had a smart assed answer for everything. Get done with that one load and lets go. I am not living my life by your schedule! So off we went. Got that done, dropped her and my laundry off at home and took off for over the hill. I was going to go to the workshop on the eviction thing, but the freakin' workshop was three hours long! I was not prepared for that. So I opted for the next Monday it is given. I can better prepare for that length of time. In the meantime I may just find some info online and fill out the papers to the best of my abilities. Hell I did all my paperwork for my divorce without benefit of counsel. And that went much better than my marriage.
I went over to Joann's Fabrics. They are having a killer sale! I ended up with four Simplicity Patterns, two yards of fleece (60" wide), a long heavy duty zipper, a bra extender (don't ask), a roll of 90" x 108" batting and a candy bar all for around $28! The four patterns were all for $6.00. I may go back and get more. I am going to start sewing some of my own clothes. The fleece, batting and zipper are for a dog bed I am going to make for the big dog. Unfortunately, his hips are starting to give him a hard time and he can't get up on my high bed anymore, I don't really want him on the couches, even though he sees that differently than I. I thought if I make him a cushy bed that's big enough for him, he will sleep on it. He is always trying to sleep on the little dog's bed and he doesn't quite fit. I'll try to get a picture of that someday. I will make the bed tomorrow. I am just going to fold the batting in two and then two again, and sew it inside some muslin. Then make the fleece outside and put them together. I am putting the zipper on it so I can take the poofy stuffing out and wash the fleece.
I had to wash my dishes in the bathtub tonight. (Don't worry, I bleached the tub first!) The drain is totally stopped up now, so the kitchen sink is a no go. Tomorrow my girlfriend is going to talk her plumber brother into coming by to see if he can fix it for me. I hope he can. I will have to run down to the bank and get some money out to pay him. She says he owes her a favor, but I can't let someone come over and do work and not give them something. It will still save me money. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I think I will also work on another cupboard in the hall tomorrow. It felt so good to do that one. I have four cupboards/closets in the hall, so it will take me a month if I do one each weekend. Then I can tackle the closet by the front door. It doesn't have much in it. In fact I am not even sure of what is in there! Certainly there's no room for guests' coats like it's supposed to be. I have a feeling OD's prom dresses are in there...(um, she graduated in 2000!) Now, I am curious, I have to go look...yep prom dresses, three umbrellas I couldn't find when it was raining, and some random other things. I guess it would help if I looked in there once in a while!
It's late, I am going to bed. Good night all...well, good morning all, you wouldn't have read this at midnight...


Debbie said...

Very pretty bride! I'm glad you had a good time after all :)

Damn good deal at JoAnn's and it helps to stay busy when things are crappy. I can't seem to get motivated here! Waitin for a good kick in the butt LOL

kim-d said...

Hey, it's YOU in the pic!!! I am having a heckuva time getting caught up after my long weekend, and you know how much I love to come over here and give my opinion all over the place, so expect lots of Kim-like verbosity tomorrow, okay? :)

I like how you kinda slid that candy bar in with all of the other stuff at JoAnn's...BWAHAHAHAHA!

Til tomorrow, big hugs and love ya!