Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little clearing....

I did manage to get to that far closet in the hall. Out of frustration. I sure whipped that thing into submission. I threw away a bunch of crap, put some in the garage that should have been there in the first place, made a box of stuff to go through more slowly, (like old pictures and stuff such as that) and created a box of give to Good Will. I don't have a box of things to sell to Hallie yet. (See Hallie's blog, http://wonderfulworldofweiners.blogspot.com/ about the Yard sale and you will know what I mean. Snicker, snicker.
I am still frustrated as all get out about my two daughters' situations. One I can fix, but won't, the other I can't fix but want to. It's all in how they lives their lives and how they accept the responsibilities of where they are. I am still moving forward on the eviction of one. I am more convinced than ever that letting her stay here is enabling her and damaging me. She is still refusing to move forward looking for a job. She wouldn't even go after a job that I nearly handed her on a platter of the silver sort.
YD tried to come home today, the legal way, with a police officer in tow, so she could pick up her clothes and see her three week old kittens, but the damned cop said he wouldn't do it because then she would be violating her restraining order. EXCUSE ME! That is why we called him, so she wouldn't be violating the restraining order. We were told by her PO that we needed to have a cop come along so she could get her clothes! I don't get it. Neither does she, and was reduced to tears, just cuz she wanted her clothes. And get a little touch of sweetness with the kitties.
This is why I tore into the closet! Killing dirt has it's calming effects ya know?
I went grocery shopping. Picked up less than a week's worth of groceries and ended up having to go to the bank to get more advance on my paycheck cause I like - over did the groceries. CRAP! I suppose it's time for me to get a second job, so I can afford some food now. I have cut back to bare bones with everything around here. We don't go out, I have a little bit of cable or else I wouldn't have any entertainment at all. My phone is bare bones, and my girlfriend gave me cell phone service on her family plan so she could call me any time of day or night. (Which she does, but does not abuse)
I looked into taking the bus to work so I could cut back on gas, but my hours are really screwy and the bus doesn't have the best schedule around. Besides I don't go any where extra, just work and home. There is one day a week I can take the bus. I would be at work 45 minutes before the store opens and not catch the bus home until 4o minutes after I get off work. And like that will help...it's ONE FREAKIN' day!
I am still looking to see where I can cut back, there has to be something....got any suggestions?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

If you send me even ONE piece of crap, I will hunt you down and kick your blogging butt!!

Hallie :)

Debbie said...

I'm with ya...I'm trying to cut down on everything here too. I want to get rid of my landline phone and get a bare minimum cell. I cringe when going to grocery store! Every friggin thing is costing more and I just saw $4 gas but managed to still get it for 3.89 here in NC!

All I can say is hang in there, things always get better if we wait long enough :)

P.S. Mail pkgs overnight to Hallie!!

Coffee Bean said...

Good for you on taking your frustration and putting it to good use! Problems with kids are so hard on a mom! Hang in there. I'm prayin' for ya.

Oh... and I think Hallie needs some more crap!