Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm on a drama hiatus...

Is that how it's spelled? (Pronounced hi-a-tis) N.E.WAY.

I brought ten boxes home from work and finally got them out of the back of my truck. I am washing clothes right now and will take those to the laundymat to dry, cause my dryer is not drying. It's just one more thing of the list of 'Let's Break Down'. Oh well, just another day in the life of, and nothing to get worked up over. I'm drained...can you tell? Speaking of drains. One of my drains is clogged. It's the one for the washer, and kitchen sinks. I think I mentioned it last week. I have ignored it and it won't go away. I will spend my weekend washing dishes and watching the water slowly go down until the dishes are finished. While the water is going down I will start at the back closets in my hallway and start emptying them. Cause I have boxes! I won't make any predictions as to how far I will get. It'll happen and be done when it's done.
Next weekend I have a wedding to go to. The quilt I was making for the wedding is not finished, nor will it be by the wedding. (Too much crap going on around here) So I will get an alternate gift and finish the quilt when I can, then give it to the brides. (Yes, I said brides, there are no grooms involved in this wedding) The wedding was planned well before California's historic decision on gay marriage and will take place three days before the marriages are going to be legal. They will probably decide to re-marry at some point in the future to make it a legal bond. As far as I am concerned the two are already married. They have been together over eight years.
It is sunny and mild here. I am so sorry to hear about all the crazy weather going on throughout the middle and eastern states. I am thanking my lucky stars that the weather is calm here. I don't want to deal with extremes this week, just let me vege out, I want boring, please!
I was mom-napped by YD yesterday. She came by my work about a half hour before closing, said she wanted to buy me dinner and where did I want to go? I said "The Chicken." It's not really called that, The Chicken is the nickname locals gave this little converted Dairy Queen after being changed several times. All the new owner's knew the one thing that drew crowds to this restaurant was their fantastic deep pressure fried chicken. OMG! It is to die for. So old owner passed the fantastic recipe on to new owners for the past 30 or 40 years and the people who go there to eat, continue to eat that fantabulous food. They also have REAL french fries that are so fattening it's pathetic. But just the way I like them. I had a really nice time after work and didn't even care that I got home after 8 o'clock!
I wandered around the house for a bit, went online for maybe twenty minutes and after my tea was brewed, I went to bed. I slept until this morning at 6 am, except for one brief interruption at 1:30 in the morning, when my girlfriend texted me that this morning at 9:30 she would be having her last surgery after getting rid of her breast cancer. I know she was nervous and couldn't sleep. I only wish that I was less groggy and could have helped her nerves a little by having a texting conversation with her. She will have "foobs" (fake boobs) in another 3 and a half hours! Of course I texted her back and told her that I love her and will be thinking about her before during and after her surgery. Her daughter will be calling me to let me know how she is doing. In another two months, if all goes well, I will be working with my girlfriend again. It has been one long year without her at work. (You just cannot imagine how this woman lights up a room when she walks in...) She is a good role model for others in a fight against the dreaded cancer. She has been strong thoughout this whole ordeal. Her humor never left her, her optimism was always apparent, she never ever stopped smiling. And I truely believe that the person that she is, and the way she treats ALL other people is what got her through the cancer only scarred and with us! She is one beautiful person.
I am off to start filling boxes with crap. Hey Hallie! Want some junk!?! You know you do! LOL!!!


Debbie in NC said...

Good for you! Clutter makes one feel even yuckier. When we have no control over things in our life, doing something we DO have control over feels GREAT!! At least for me LOL!

I'm glad your GF is well on her way to recovery :) Glad you can be there for her...

Mabunny said...

Good Morning ! First time visitor to your blog. Kelly mentioned you might need some warm wishes sent your way so here they are ****** ( picture those as starts floating good wishes your way):)))
Come visit me sometime at Ables Antics.
Hope all works out in the end

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Claudia,

I posted about you on my blog... I see mabunny has already been here... and revealed my name! LOL!

You sure have a lot on your plate! I'll be praying for your friend and decluttering always lifts your spirits... well, when it is done. I always have a little freak out in the middle of it. LOL!