Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All's well...


It's been quiet here.

MD's got unemployment compensation. How a person can work so hard at doing nothing and then get compensated for being unemployed, I don't know, but she got it. I helped. I found the address for her and handed it to her. Would've been on a silver platter if I had one. YD requested that I befriend my MD for the time being. There's a reason for it, which I can only explain in the future. Sorry for the mystery. So befriend her I have done. She is now receiving a small but, better than nothing check every other week. I am hoping that by dropping little friend laden hints, that she will pay off her debt to the courts and keep her ass out of jail. She did say yesterday that she would need to do that, because she wouldn't be able to find work if she was locked up. I also reminded her that the compensation is to help her acquire a new position at a quality work place, so take advantage of it. There's also a chance to get some schooling out of the state to make her eligible for even more quality employment. So get with it KID! I explained this to her yesterday, that no later than 16 weeks, but not too soon before 16 weeks, she can request schooling and be compensated for it and maybe even get help getting to and from schools. Since she no longer has a car or a license, or friends to help. Certainly I can't. (WON'T...a person can let friendly get out of hand sometimes and I'm not going there)

She did some stuff yesterday that a weaker person would have fainted over. She started cleaning the 6 foot high forest of weeds in the back yard. (She has ulterior motives...she can't get to her room out there anymore) and... take a breath...she WASHED THE DISHES AFTER DINNER!!!!! ...let breath out... I won't hold my breath til that happens again, I might die of it.

On the Wii front, I have it, I am obsessed with it, I talk about it far too much at work, cause at work, I think about going home and playing with my Wii. Then reality sets in and I don't make it home until late, and when I get home it's eat, shower and sleep lately. I guess I got the Wii at a perfect time in my life. I am busy, too busy to play. Crap! OD, and MD were both home Saturday night when I got home and were just kind of hangin' out. OD said she wanted to play the Wii, she hadn't tried it yet and since it is my toy, she waited til I was home to ask if she could play. (How thoughtful) So we did a "family play night". We actually had a blast. Two of us played, then the one sitting out played the winner and so on. The only glitch was that MD (as usual) didn't want to put the safety strap on while using the remote. I very gently explained to her, that since it was MY game and MY TV she was playing in front of, she would put the safety strap on and like it! She did. It would be just like her to break something on it or my TV, cause she's destructive like that. I'm just hoping that she doesn't decide to use the damned thing when I'm not home, cause then I will be loading the remotes and nunchuks up in the truck with all my pots and pans, dishes and silverware. Today, I will be playing some of the games, so I am getting some excercise, but I have to go to the ranch and have one of the hands pull YD's horse up for me to get pictures of him. YD is not around for a while, and she has requested that I send pictures of everything that was her life here, before she went away. I have sent pictures of everything but Utah (her horse). I was hoping for a sunnier day, but it looks like cloud cover all day, so I will just have to work with it.

I was tagged by Debbie over at Gittin It Outta My Head! I'm not going to do it right now, but I have my lists started. They are going to take some time to fill out. It's a fun, but challenging one...for me.

Is anyone waiting with bated breath for the Olympics to start? I'm not. I'm already sick of the ads for it. I'm not anti-Olympics, I just get tired of all the hype. And I don't watch that much TV! I think I get tired of repetition of any kind, and man, the TV could win a gold medal in repetition.

Clearlake vacation for me is August 3 - 5. At least today, that is the plan. I may get cold feet and wait til I have more money. Lord knows I really don't need to spend any money on gas right now. I may wait til YD gets back and then go. She will need a vacation by then too! I have had to take so many days off lately, that another day might be my undoing. The temptation is there though and OD is planning on going up and has invited her BF and BF's mom. ACK! What am I thinking?! ? I AM going! I have to! I need to! Quiet, peace and quiet!

Off to start my day. I have put it off long enough. Hope your day is great!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You are a Wii-aholic!

Welcome to the club!


Debbie said...

Hey girl, I was coming yesterday to let you know you've been tagged but you didn't post!! No hurry and you don't even have to do it. I know you're busy!!

Sounds like befriending might work a little if she doesn't take advantage, which they usually do ARGHH. Hell who knows, it's one day at a time with adult kids, ya know?

I'm serious...my old bra was a friggin RAG!!!