Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Has anybody seen the remote?

I cannot believe that we have lost the remote to the TV/cable! There are three of us here, one of us has the remote in hand or next to our hand always, other than that it lives in the drawer in my desk. Sometime yesterday the remote went AWOL.
I seached the couch cushions, under the couches, in back of the couches, under the dogs, in the garbage, on the TV, desk drawer, my bedroom, the garage. It is GONE! Shouldn't be a big deal, but the TV remains on the same channel since we can't find the remote. And we can't turn it up or down. The cable company gave us this little box with no controls on it what so ever, so if you lose the remote, you have no control at all. There are no buttons to get up and change things, no buttons for on or all comes from the remote.
Have you seen the remote? I guess the dogs will have to watch the learning channel all day, instead of animal planet.


Stacie said...

omg, I hate when that happens.

thanks for stopping by!

stitcherw said...

I hope you find the remote soon, that is such a pain with that happens. I know the remotes are supposed to make things easier, but when they go missing things are so dependent on them that they are almost impossible to work without.

Saw in your earlier post that the kittes and all had a new home. I'm sure they'll settle down and make wonderful pets. However, cute as they are, having a little less responsibilities to have to deal with, with all you have had going on, should help. Glad your recent trip to the laundry mat was uneventful. After the trip your daughters had, and then you had, that you posted on earlier, having to go back couldn't have been a pleasent trip to contemplate.

Debbie said...

Look in the weirdest places you can think the washer, fridge, bathroom closet, microwave, car, purse...WEIRD. Where you'd think it would never be. Our minds are not all together these days you know! LOL