Friday, July 04, 2008

YAY! for tomorrow!

I get my stimulus check tomorrow...maybe. Monday I am off for my weekend, and will start my shopping for my Wii, and Wii fit, finally. I cannot wait.
I will have to find some kind of cabinet to house the Wii, because where I live is really dusty and as much as I try to keep up with it, the dust tends to take over.
I'm excited! I want to start playing with it now! I'm feeling like a five year old on Christmas morning. You have to understand that this is the first time in YEARS that I have purchased anything with extra money that did not have something to do with cleaning or cooking. Every other check I have ever gotten that I considered "extra" (mainly tax refunds), I have bought a new appliance or repaired a car, or bought tires. Yes I do need a dryer that works right now, but ya know, I am not having a problem with taking my two - three measley loads to the laundymat every week. Besides that saves me gas at the house, and I am not paying for my daughters to dry their clothes. BONUS!!! (which will lower my PG & E bills) I don't think I use a significant amount of auto gas to make me stop. And that dryer problem is just a matter of pulling this one little part off and popping a new one in. No biggy, I have fixed that darned thing at least three times. I used to have a second dryer that was the same as this one, until I pirated all the parts off it to fix mine. Now I am reduced to buying the new parts.
Back to the Wii. This will be the start of me taking better care of myself. Yes, I know, you are all sitting there wondering why I needed to wait to get a toy to start. Well, I am thinking that I will excersise, cause itisin the privacy of my own frontroom and it looks like fun and I know I can get addicted to it. I figure that would be a good addiction. Also, it is summer and all my favorite foods are available...fruits of all sorts, so I am going to be more likely to eat those as opposed to ice cream or cake and stuff. I love me some fruit. I am going to attempt to log my progress here on my blog, so I can see how I am doing. And maybe if y'all see me slipping, you can yell at me.
Boy this was random!


stitcherw said...

Good luck with getting your Wii and your new get fit resolution. Summer sounds like a good time with an exercise plan, and the fruits and things in summer are much more tempting. What an excellent spend for your stimulus check.

Coffee Bean said...

Have fun with your Wii! We don't have one... yet. Maybe we'll get one for Christmas when the weather is crummy. Our son is a sports fanatic and only sees the XBox as something to do when he can't be outside. His friends drive him crazy when they want to play video games when it is nice outside.

kim-d said...

I love the random! And you CAN and WILL do's all in the wanting to! And you know me, I'll be more than happy to tune you up if you stray off the straight and narrow fitness line--BWAHAHAHA!

I'm glad you're getting yourself something you really want with your "found" money. You need to do that more often, because you're worth it and you deserve it. Maybe you can take what's left over and go buy lots of great fruit. I loves ME some fruit, too! Any and all!

Busy here...yeah, like who's not! HA! BIG HUG and lotsa love!

Debbie said...

Hey girl, I'm with deserve it after the crap you've been through! Take care of Claudia now and that's and order. I will also get you back if you don't use it! Stimulus to get you moving is part of the national fight obesity movement right ROFL?? I don't even know what the damn thing is and probably couldn't afford it UNTIL Christmas so I will live vacariously through YOU! (wink)