Monday, July 21, 2008

Seriously Sleeping In

Never again! I was tired last night. Iwas tired the night before and the nights before those. I just haven't gotten any sleep to speak of and there have been some late nights here. Not even partying nights, just stuff I had to do or places I had to go that kept me out and up late, late, late.

So, when the dog let me know it was time to go out at 6AM, (which is really sleeping in for me) I got up and let him out and then left the back door open for him to let himself back in and crawled back into my nice warm bed. I woke up again at 9:30! I was thinking as I drifted off to sleep that 7 or even 7:30 would be a good time to wake up. Now I feel as though I've been clobbered on the very center of my head with a hatchet. I feel lazy and groggy and all yeck! I think I hate sleeping in.

I have got to clean this house today. Since I have been busy, the whole thing has just sort of gotten out of hand and I guess everyone else who lives here have just been busy too. (I'm sure that is what they will tell me)

What really scares me is that I will have to go to the laundymat to do laundry (what else would I do there???) Our track record with the laundymats around here lately have not been good. It seems that all the lunatics are going to them now. My girls ran into a really crazy woman in the laundrymat yesterday, who ended up chasing them around town after she drove up on a curb to try and run over one of them. This was after my daughter had asked if she could use the rolly basket after the woman was done with it. The woman wouldn't take her purse out of it. The daughter said to her (after asking politely three or four times, can you take your purse out of the basket? I need the basket) The woman made some really crude comments under her breath to her as she walked off. It escalated from there.
The other day when I was doing my laundry, there was this weird couple in there. After my clothes were dry I couldn't find a rolly basket that was empty, so I just put my clothes in one of my baskets and folded out of it and into my other basket. The weird guy, came over to where his wife was putting clothes in the dryer I had just vacated and stared at her butt. I mean stared! I just thought okay, he's weird, and let it go. Then he put his grimey elbow on the edge of my basket and I kind of just shot him a look. BUT then he looked in my basket to see what clothes I was folding, and reached in and picked up one of my t-shirts! Then I gave him this," OH YOU DID NOT JUST PICK UP MY CLOTHES" look. He threw it back in and threw his hands up and started apologizing. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "That was just fucking weird." Loudly. His freaking wife gave me a look and I repeated it to her and jerked my basket out from under his 'still sitting on my basket grimey elbow'. He slinked over to a corner of the laundymat and sat there staring at the wall as I finished up my laundry. The whole time I'm thinking, well thank God it wasn't my underwear, or the guy would have been flattened to the floor, and maybe I should re-wash that shirt. Ew, ick, nasty. I have never liked doing my laundry in public, and especially do not like my clothes, let alone the undies exposed for public eyes.
I have GOT to get my washer and dryer fixed. MD said last night that if we can find some cheap used ones for sale she will help me buy them. My MD has turned a corner here and I think I like the direction she is headed in.
I am off to try and make some semblance of a clean house here. (Including the laundry, ick!) Y'all have a wonderful day!


stitcherw said...

Luckily I haven't had to use a public laundry mat in a while, but the last time I was there with some of the blankets that won't work in my washer there were odd people hanging out at ours as well. However, no where near as creepy as the ones you describe. Yuck, I'd want to wash the shirt again too, and how warped to have chased your daughters like that. Hope things resolve themselves soon and you can have a washer/dryer in house so you don't need to go out.

Glad you had such a good time at the concert in your last post, sounds like you really needed a fun time out to destress.

Debbie said...

Uh, yes, make dryer a priority..NOW! I seriously have the heebie geebies goin on here now. What the nerve of the loon!

I'm sympathetic to mentally challenged individuals in their OWN SPACE, but keep your hands off my stuff! I've done the laundrymat thing to...pain.

Glad you got some much needed sleep and congrats to MD...let's keep this going :)