Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free Music

I can't believe what a turn my life has taken! I have been so busy lately, it is pathetic, and so totally not me. I have managed to do a few things around the house that I wanted to do, like clean, but not as much as I would like. Work has been the same crazy, frustrating place it always has been, but that is good, as right now it is the only constant in my life I have going for me.

Friday night I did etch out some time for myself. Pleasurable time. One of my friends and I have been trying to get together for a long time. It's hard, because she has regular hours at a regular job. (she works for the state) I work weekends and have varying hours throughout the week. Fridays though, I get off work at 3:30 and I am home by four, so that lends itself to getting together with my friend.
Her daughter lives on the other side of the hill from us in this darling little town called Brisbane. This little town is like stepping out of the world as we know it and traveling back in the fifties. Families play together, neighbors actually know each other, and they get together a lot outside of their homes and have fun. We joined them Friday night for "Concert in the Park". What. A. Blast. I wish I had my video camera with me, although it could not show the realness of this place. There was a band playing country music, kids running around playing tag, across the street is a skate park where teenagers where showing off their skateboarding skills to other teenagers and teaching each other new tricks on those boards, and a basketball court where several teens were playing b-ball. Parents were sitting around in front of the band on blankets or chairs, and enjoying the music. Everone was watching out for everyone else's kids. There were older people with money, on over to bikers in leathers with their motorcycles, and everyone in between. Everyone was smiling. The band was good, people were dancing to the music or rocking their babies in time to it. I have never felt such a calmness, I so needed it. We met a few of the local people and had such a great time. We have plans to go back every Friday. The next time we will be better prepared, these old bones don't like sitting on the lawn!
Next time we will take sandwiches and thermoses of tea and chairs to sit on. Salsa music is on the bill for next Friday. I'm going to take pictures.


kim-d said...

Claudia, that sounds WONDERFUL!!! I just love stuff like that, and next Friday will be even better because now you know your way around a bit! I'm so glad you actually took some relaxation time for yourself and found such a great atmosphere. Isn't it just so fun to have something to look forward to? I get cranky if there's nothing good coming up! Hope the rest of your weekend goes just as good!

Big Hug, and I love ya!

Debbie said...

Are you sure you weren't dreaming or watching Ozzie & Harriet, Donna Reed Show? LOL

This does sound like a place I'd want to go to all the time! I'm glad you got out and had "Claudia" time away from all the crap and messiness of life! Good for you, girl!

Debbie said...

((Hugs)) I've been looking for a "handy" man ROFL! Total agreement with you!